Cheerio with Thomas Ingmire 2018

Thomas Ingmire Cheerio Retreat

  • ruling pens, cola pen (N22, N30, N208, N155)
  • automatic pens (no. 4 or 5) a variety of smaller sized edged pens. (N27)
  • B-series Speedball pen…maybe B-1, B-3, B-0. (N16)
  • Zig Calligraphy marker Dual-tipped (2 mm and 5 mm) Black. (M06)
  • Two or three different colored felt-tipped markers (pointed markers preferred; avoid markers that have a strong smell). (M134)
  • Black ink (Japanese or Chinese Sumi is preferable, but the black that you normally use is OK) (I70)
  • Bring whatever brushes you already have. A flat edged brush about 1/2" wide is something that might be useful. (BR01, BR60)
  • Rives BFK or Arches text wove, or something like these two, are options, 5 or 6 sheets (20" x 30") (PS91, PS107, PS01)
  • A pad of Drawing Paper 18" x 24" (Strathmore drawing 400 series (24 sheets) is a good option (P100)
  • Thread and needles (S825, S219)
  • water container< (S1005)
  • paper towels or rags (S817)
  • tape ( at least 1" wide)
  • scissors (S835)
  • pencils (S142)
  • erasers (E09, E13)
  • straight edge (S270, S271)
  • any brushes you already have
  • small pieces of mat board that could be used as a wide pen.
  • A soft pencil the B series, B-1, 2, or 3 (S142)

Colors only if you have them..
  • 3 to 4 tubes of water color (a red, blue, yellow, black) and tube of white gouache
  • A few scraps of collage material (colored pieces of paper, etc)
  • glue or paste