Leah Chong - Ultimate Calligraphy Course | Ongoing

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The Ultimate Calligraphy Course
A step-by-step online course to help you master calligraphy with clarity so that you can create the work you envision with ease, confidence and success. It includes everything from anatomy of type, theory, Copperplate basics, minuscules and majuscules, flourishing, modern calligraphy, ligatures, digitisation and more, taking you from clueless to confident!

Supplies Needed:

  • Clairefontaine Blank Pad or Rhodia R Pad(P36, P104)
  • Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip (M97)
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Hard Tip (M145) or soft tip (M146)

Optional Supplies:

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen (M120)
  • Pentel Color Brush (FP57)
  • Pentel Waterbrush Set of 3 (FP93-S)
  • Hunt Oblique Penholder (H23)
  • Hunt 101 Nib (N77)
  • Higgins Eternal Ink (I08)
  • Pentel Brush Fountain Pen (FP59)