Carol Measures Scott - Captivating Color in Calligraphy - March 27 to May 1

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Captivating Color in Calligraphy: Choosing Mixing, and Using Color in Calligraphy
With Carol Measures Scott

Gorgeous greens, blissful blues, passionate purples – let’s learn how to use color to make a beautiful calligraphy project! We will explore how to choose colors that work together, make simple watercolor backgrounds, and write a quote project using gouache on the watercolor background. This class is suited to those who have used dip pens before.

Class sessions are live online with recordings available shortly afterward.

Sundays, March 27 - May 1, 2022, 1 - 3 p.m. Central Time (Dallas)

Class page link:

$145 for 12 hours of class time over six weeks.

Supply List:

Paper choices (min. 3 sheets) (cut/torn down to1/4 sheets):

  • Stillman & Birn Delta (PS112)
  • Stillman & Birn Beta (PS112)
  • Stonehenge 140lb watercolor paper (PS110)
  • Arches Hot Press 90lb or 140lb (PS42, PS47)


  • 3 round watercolor brushes; choose size 5 – 10 (BR26)
  • 3 bristle bright brushes - size 3 or 4, short handle (BR43) (I like flat, but round will work)
  • Wash brush - 1.5" or larger (BR64)

  • Broad nibs in 1.5 - 3 mm range; holders (N207, H104-S)
  • 3 water jars/tubs - small, medium, large
  • Pencil; sharpener; eraser (PL38, PL13, E13)
  • 18" graph ruler (S944)
  • Palette - plastic or porcelain, any shape, at least 10 wells (S1094)
  • Layout paper, or graph paper, or tracing paper (P09-50, P21, P112)

Paints (you'll need the watercolors AND the gouache colors)


  • Naples Yellow (WNWC1)
  • French Ultramarine (WNWC2)
  • Perm Magenta, Cerulean (WNWC3)
  • Quinacridone Gold
  • Richeson Turquoise
  • Richeson Magenta
  • Permanent Orange
  • Viridian
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Golden Green (Richeson)
  • Quinacridone Rose


  • Ultramarine Blue (WNG1)
  • Magenta (WNG2)
  • Viridian, Quinacridone Magenta, Windsor Green (WNG3)
  • Cerulean (WNG4)
  • Naples Yellow
  • Permanent Orange
  • Quinacridone Rose