Cora Pearl - Monoline Lettering With a B Nib

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Monoline Lettering with a B Nib

Cora Pearl

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome

Lettering • Design


Monoline lettering is a great way to learn new styles of lettering and to delve in to the principles of lettering, layout, and design, without the added challenge of working with complicated tools. In this class we will learn several styles of monoline lettering that use B-nibs including the Art Nouveau lettering of Rennie Mackintosh and the architectural lettering of Frank Lloyd Wright among others. We will also explore different ways of working with letters that can be applied to other calligraphic styles and tools. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience and is ideal for those who are new to lettering arts. This workshop is a condensed version of a full semester hand lettering class that Cora created and teaches at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon.


  • Speedball B-nib set (N16-S6)
  • Two nib holders (H104)
  • Higgins Eternal black ink (I08)
  • Pen for taking notes
  • Micron pen (size 01) (M17)
  • Two paper clips
  • See-through practice paper such as Gilbert Bond OR Beinfang Marker paper OR Borden & Riley practice paper OR Canson Pro Layout Marker paper (NOT tracing paper!) (P70) (P41) (P09-50) (P32)
  • Optional, but recommended if you have one: light pad (S1013) (S939)