Neuland Lettering 3 Ways - Feb 27

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Neuland Lettering 3 Ways with Cora Pearl

CLASS INFO: Live class in real time on Zoom

DATE: Sunday, February 27, 2022 from 9:30am to 4:30pm (with 1 hour lunch break)

LEVEL: Appropriate for all levels of experience



Neuland is a German typeface that was designed in 1923 by type designer, Rudolf Koch. It was made by carving the type directly into metal. Though it was never intended to be written by hand, lettering artists love writing it because the letters are so striking and playful. Neuland can be just the right style for a bold statement. In this workshop we will explore this lettering style by writing them, drawing them, and painting them. This is a great workshop for enjoying how letters change when made three different ways.


  • Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper 9” x 12” size (P32) OR Gilbert Bond paper (P69) OR any bond practice paper that is transparent enough to see a page of guidelines underneath it and takes ink well
  • Prang 16 color watercolor set (S609) or a set of tube watercolors you already have them
  • 12” Ruler (S270)
  • Arches hot press 140lb watercolor paper cut to three 8 ½” x 11” pieces ((PS00) PS47)
  • Masking tape (S412)
  • Sumi ink (I70)
  • Water container (S1005)
  • Small dish or container for dipping ink (S853)
  • ¼” watercolor flat brush (I recommend the Winsor & Newton Gold Scepter series) (BR71)
  • Eraser (any brand) (E13)
  • HB Pencil (PL38)
  • Paper towel (S817)
  • Pen for taking notes
  • Small piece of 600 grit sandpaper
  • Wooden disposable chopstick that is flat on the back end
  • A few paper clips