Uncial Calligraphy - Feb 16

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Uncial Calligraphy with Cora Pearl

CLASS INFO: Live class in real time on Zoom

DATE: Wednesday, February 16, 2022 from 10:00am to 1:00pm PST

LEVEL: Appropriate for all levels of experience



Uncial is a beautiful ancient style of calligraphy that was commonly in use from the 4th to 8th centuries by Latin and Greek scribes. Writing in Uncial is a wonderful way to connect with the long history of calligraphic writing. The characteristically wide and round letters can be serious or playful. We will start with basic Uncial strokes and learn the whole alphabet moving on to spacing and words. This workshop is appropriate for beginners in Uncial writing and for those with more experience who wish to revisit the basics to revitalize and review this hand.


Practice paper that is see through enough to show guidelines underneath (as close to 8 ½” x 11” as possible), such as one of the following:

  • Gilbert bond paper (P69)
  • Bienfang Translucent Marker Paper (P41)
  • Borden & Riley Layout Paper (P09-50)
  • Canson Pro Layout Marker Paper (P32)

One of the following nibs (Make sure you get the left-handed version of your choice if you are left handed)

  • Mitchell 1 Roundhand nib (N04) (N05) OR
  • Brause 3mm nib (N02) (N06) OR
  • Speedball C2 nib (N09) (N10)

One of the following inks:

  • Higgins Eternal Black Ink (I08)
  • Calli Black Ink (I07)
  • Winsor & Newton Black Calligraphy Ink (I59)
  • Walnut Ink (S450)

Pen for taking notes (I like using a red Le Pen for this purpose)

2 Paper clips

Printed hard copy of Uncial guidelines prepared by Cora