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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild is delighted to offer the following online Workshop.


Workshop Details
Dates: A three-day online workshop
Tuesday, November 2
Thursday, November 4
Saturday, November 6

Times: Mornings – 10:00 am to 1:30 pm MST with a 30-minute break (estimated at noon). There will also be a half hour at the end (1:30 to 2 pm Mountain Time) for questions.
Cost: $125 CAD plus Eventbrite fees (estimated at $6.50 CAD).
Maximum 99 participants. No refunds.
There will be a private Facebook page for homework and feedback.
All sessions will be recorded and available to registrants for 30 days after the workshop.

For more information contact: Thea Lynn Paul -

Materials List:
Pen: You will need a pen that is on the larger size. Choose from the three options listed below:
• Carl’s favorite is the 5/16” Horizon Flat Pen. The 1/4” or 3/8” is also fine or similar Coit or Hiro, no bigger than 3/8” (N13)
• Or, a similar sized Automatic pen. (N27)
• Or, a Pilot Parallel Pen, 6mm size (blue cap). (FP67). Pilot Parallel PenThis is okay too, but be sure to have a bottle of ink to dip into (not enough ink comes through the parallel pen for what we want to do).
• Plus, bring any other favorite pens you already have.
You can get through the workshop with only a pen, if you wish. If you’re interested in brush-work, please bring the following.
Flat Brush: Choose from the three options listed below:
• Winsor & Newton 995, 1/2” (clear handle) (BR01)
• Or, Winsor & Newton Cotman 666, 3/8” (blue handle) (BR66)
• Or, Raphael Kaerell, size 6, 8, or 10 (orange handle) (BR24)
• Plus, any other flat brushes you already have.
(We will be concentrating on flat tools mostly, but there are traditional types based on the pointed brush, as well. If this interests you, bring a Pentel Color Brush, or similar.)

1-2 tubes of gouache for brush work: Winsor & Newton Indigo or Prussian Blue are strong colors. (WNG1)  Bring white or bright colors and/or a jar of Pro-White (I62) or Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White (I38), if you want to write in reverse (and bring some dark papers, too).
Non-waterproof ink: Higgins Eternal (I08) Higgins Sepia (I121) walnut ink (S449). Private Reserve, Noodler’s (I123). Look out for the words “Indian,” “permanent,” even “Sumi”; they clog the slits of folded flat pens.
Paper: Large paper (11”x17” or larger) bond (P70) is fine for pens, or something with a bit of tooth.
• Diploma Parchment is Carl’s favorite at the moment. 
• Carl likes Strathmore Charcoal Pads (P51) for pen, flat brush and pointed brush, but not Canson’s charcoal pads: as pen work will bleed on them.
• Plus, bring any fancier papers as desired (Canson Ingres (PS05) (PS00). Canson Ingres Sheets, Mi Tientes (PS61). Canson Mi-Teintes Paper, Bugra (PS21-BLK). Bugra Black, or watercolor.
A pencil (PL38) ruler (S798)
Carl provides a lovely booklet containing amazing examples of his work and others’ work that are an inspiration to his courses. This will be provided as a PDF for each participant to download and print.