Cheryl Tefft - Filigree 1 - June 11 or June 14

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Filigree 1 Class
Taught by Cheryl Tefft

June 11 or June 14, 2022

Would you like to learn the ancient decorative art of drawing filigree patterns, updated for today? This class is a hands-on introduction to the traditional decorative technique known as filigree, often used to “dress up” decorated capitals and create lovely borders in manuscripts and other fine art pieces from the Middle Ages to the current day. We will start from scratch, with no previous experience required. If you can trace a simple outline and draw a basic heart shape freehand, you can do this! The techniques you will learn in this class have been modified slightly from the historical methods in order to suit the modern artist’s approach and materials.


WHEN: This class consists of a single meeting; you may choose either of the following two dates:

Session 1: Saturday, June 11, 2022, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (1 to 4 pm CDT, or 12 noon to 3 pm MDT, or 11 am to 2 pm PDT) Registration/info link for Session 1:

Session 2: Tuesday, June 14, 2022, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (12 noon to 3 pm CDT, or 11 am to 2 pm MDT, or 10 am to 1 pm PDT) Registration/info link for Session 2:

Class will be presented live online for a small group, so that students can all get individual feedback, with recordings available to all enrolled students afterward

FEE: $60.00 (US$)/session


Required items: (needed during class)

  • Pencil (PL21)
  • Eraser (E06) or your favorite eraser for pencil lines. (In addition to a more standard eraser, a small one like the Tombow Mono Zero (Round) is helpful. (E22))
  • Ruler, at least 12” long (S270 or S271)
  • Smooth blank white paper of any kind, letter-size or larger, a few sheets (such as Rhodia: P53)
  • Painter’s tape or artist’s tape (S412 or S931) (½" width suggested)
  • Preferred note-taking materials

Optional items: (for during class)

  • Light box or light pad—optional but HIGHLY recommended. This is quite possibly the single most useful tool you can get for the practice of calligraphy. (S1013) (If needed, you can use a window with daylight coming through it instead.)

Required for finished projects: (to do on your own time after class)

  • Pigma Micron marker, black, size 01 recommended (M17, M133, M134) or similar
  • Pigma Micron marker, red and/or blue, size 01 recommended (other colors optional) (M21, M134, M133), or similar
  • Metallic gold watercolor (or gouache) paint; #1 recommendation: FineTec (a.k.a. Coliro) brand, Arabic Gold color (S1000 for single pans [get more colors if you like; they're all wonderful!]; also recommended to get a storage box for your pans [if you're not getting a set that already includes a box]: S999, or S1113)
  • Small round (pointed) brush, size 0 or smaller (size 000 suggested; you might want several different sizes such as 0, 00, 000, and 0000) (BR26, BR26-S4)
  • Rinse water, in rinse water container (S1005)
  • Paper towels (S817)
  • Watercolor paper, white or off-white, smooth and non-bleeding (at least 8"x10"). Some suggested types: Arches Hot Press (90# or 140# -- PS42, PA42 or PS47); Stonehenge (PS110 or PA110); Strathmore Watercolor, Ready-Cut 8"x10" (PA26); Frankfurt (PS108, PS04)
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