Karen Daughtry - Contemplative Calligraphy - April 11

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Receive thorough instruction on calligraphy letterforms and learn the contemplative aspects of calligraphy in the process. Moving the pen on the paper becomes a moving meditation, a stress-relieving resource for equanimity and harmony of body and mind. Design elements will be covered, working with various tools, the historical context of hand lettering and its influence on history and culture. Using the modern Pilot Parallel Pen, a broad-nib cartridge pen, is ideal in its user friendliness and ease of cleanup.

Start Date - Sunday, April 11, 2021

Online Course: Sunday, 10am-12pm Central Eight-week class

Supply List:

  • Pilot Parallel Pen 3.8mm (the green one) (FP67)
  • Black cartridges for the Parallel Pen (FP69)
  • Practice Paper: Plain 8-1/2 x 11” copier paper is OK for practice to start with (Recommended) Marker Paper (9x12”) (P32) OR Practice paper of your choice (P25)

Optional Supplies for later:

  • Drawing board (S690)
  • Pipettes (to refill cartridges) (S141)
  • Pelikan fount india ink (to refill cartridges) (I02)
  • Any kind of water-soluble colors, such as this inexpensive watercolor pan which includes a brush, or other colors you may already have (S609)