Karen Daughtry - Your Signature Script - Writing the Italic Way Ages 12-17 - Feb 19

Join Karen Daughtry for Youth Italic instruction in her online course:

Six-week class beginning Feb 19.

Friday 1 - 3 pm

Click this link for more details. John Neal Books is not hosting these classes. 

Recommended Supplies:

  • Ordinary ink pen (like a Bic pen or any kind of regular ballpoint pen that you have
    at home) or a regular #2 pencil – these are “monoline” tools that make a single
    narrow line. 
  • Broad nib pen and ink of your choice: if you already have one, it’s probably
    suitable for this class. Click here for our selection of broad edge nibs. 
  • Inks:(I70) (I53)


  • Pilot Parallel Pen 2.4mm (FP67)


  • Practice Paper (P25)
  • Scrap paper


  • Marker Paper (9x12”) (P32)