Deep Dive into the Archive with Hurford, McCaffery, & Vitolo

Imagine having an entire day to spend in the IAMPETH Archive room! Under the guidance of three experts with deep knowledge of the collection, this will be an exploration of the treasures housed therein, and the pen artists who created them. There will be a lecture/presentation on the History of American Penmanship and a thorough tour of the library. This will be followed by a master class on exemplars and how to read them, and careful examinations of the attributes of various examples of handwriting and offhand flourishing with attention to letterform, spacing, consistency of line, loops, slant and more. Then, let's write (in another room, of course) in the style of Madarasz!!!

Class Supplies
  • Notebook and pencil (no pens in the Archive room, please!) (PA111, PL38)
  • choice of oblique or straight penholder and pointed nib with some flex (such as Leonardt Principal, Nikko G, or Zebra G) (H113, H114, N120, N113, N118)
  • straight penholder with Speedball B6 or other broad nib (to fill in the giant shades) (H69, N16)
  • Canson Marker Layout Paper, or other paper through which guidelines may be seen (guidesheets will be provided) (P32)
  • choice of ink (though we have never seen a Madarasz work written in anything but black ink!) (I37)

John Neal Books will take preorders for IAMPETH 2020 through Thursday, June 25th. If you wish to place a preorder for pick up at IAMPETH, you will need to put the item 20IAM, in your cart along with your order.

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