Laurie Doctor - Speak to me from everywhere - March 15-19

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Speak to Me From Everywhere: Simple Practices for All Makers 

In this week-long course, daily exercises will combine observation, contemplation and lettering techniques that will introduce specific aspects of landscape transmitted through writing. The week will end with making a small book. All levels of experience are welcome.

Here is the basic structure of the class:

-You’ll receive a video from me each morning with an introduction, exercises for a specific feature of landscape, demonstration, and a “homework” assignment. (Prerecorded)

-After watching the video, you’ll work on your own to complete your “homework.” A format will be available for sending in questions.

-The class will gather together on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Eastern for Q&A and discussion. (LIVE and recorded)

-The class is set up to limit the amount of time on screen, and is designed for dedicating at least an hour each day in your studio, without screens, on your “homework.”


  • Bring your favorite writing tools (brushes, pens and found objects)
  • Notebook for taking notes
  • White china marker (S916)
  • Fine pt pen: faber-castell ecco pigment pen 0.2 or whatever you have (M17)
  • HB, 2B and 4B pencils (PL38)
  • Sharpener: (recommended: Kum brass sharpener) (S960)
  • White Eraser (E14)
  • Containers for ink, and for rinsing brushes (S853) (S1005)
  • Metal ruler with cork backing (12” or longer) (S270) (S271)
  • Pointed brush (choose 1 or 2 within the range of size 1-4) (BR26)
  • Cheap “paintbox brush” for mixing (BR43)
  • Sumi ink (I70)
  • Watercolor (Indigo, New Gamboge Yellow, Alizarin Crimson) (Click here for our selection of watercolors
  • 1 wide brush (3 or more inches wide: cheap foam brush, house painting brush, or Japanese Hake brush) (BR64)
  • 2 sheets white Rives BFK (lighter weight) (22 x 30)* (PS91) (PS00)
  • Tracing paper (P43)
  • Embroidery or bookbinding needle (S219)
  • Linen thread (any thickness will work) (S352) (S825) (S826)
  • Embroidery thread