Debby Reelitz - Intro to Italic - Sep 13, 20, 27; Oct 4, 18, 25

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Intro to Italic

This six-week course will introduce the fundamentals of the italic lettering style: branching, pen angle, letter height, capitals, and pen manipulation–all those elements that make Italic the hallmark style of calligraphy. As a means of opening the door to the vast possibilities of calligraphic design, we will write with a metal nib and progress through three sizes of nibs and letter size. We will also incorporate gold ink into our designs, explore numerous papers and apply basic design principles. Each class will include a project and culminate in a signature-style book.

Pre-requisite: experience with a broad-edged calligraphy tool (ie: a class in Foundational, Uncial or Blackletter).

For those who have studied with me before, this italic class is an extensive revision on my in-person Italic class. Returning students or calligraphers with experience can use this class as an opportunity to continue developing their control of the nib and letterforms and practicing layout and design.

6 Mondays
Sep 13, 20, 27; Oct 4, 18, 25
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. EST
Live online course via Zoom
Classes will be recorded and made available to students

Registration by September 2nd

Presented live on Zoom and recorded.

Supply List: 

  • Kuretake gold ink (I140)
  • Brause 5 mm broad edge nib --RIGHT HAND (N02)
  • Brause 2 mm broad edge nib --RIGHT HAND (N02)
  • Brause 1 mm broad edge nib --RIGHT (Qty 2) (N02)
  • Brause 5 mm broad edge nib --LEFT HAND (N06)
  • Brause 2 mm broad edge nib --LEFT HAND (N06)
  • Brause 1 mm broad edge nib --LEFT (Qty 2) (N06)
  • Walnut Ink or Higgins Sepia Ink  (I145)(I121)
  • Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II Brush Series 101 Round 2 (BR26)
  • dinky dip ink holder (S934)
  • eraser (S86)
  • nib holder (H39)
  • water dropper (2) (S141)
  • gum arabic (I84)
  • crocus cloth for nib sharpening(S106)
  • brush- stiff for mixing (2) (BR43)