Elinor Holland - Italics - October 11, 18, 25 and November 8

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October 11, 18, 25 and November 8 (Sundays)

Time : 1 pm to 3 pm U.S. EST (Class will be held on Zoom)

Fee: $100 ( Venmo or Paypal)

The Italic hand is a Renaissance development that combines grace and versatility. Flexible enough to be used for almost any calligraphic need, its subtle letterforms engage every eye. From invitations to signage, envelopes to love letters, Italic can be plain or dressed up with flourishes. Starting with minuscules we will study the basic underlying forms and structure that give Italic its distinctive look. We will add the capitals that are based on Romans and begin to develop in this elegant script. Practice is encouraged!

This class is for beginners and continuing students.


Straight pen holder (Click here for our selection of straight holders)
3mm broad edged nib: Speedball C-2 (N09), Brause – 3mm (N02), Mitchell – 1 (N04)
Higgins Eternal Ink (I08)
Lightweight layout paper such as Boris Layout Paper (9x12 or 11x14) (P09-50)
Pencil (S142)
Ruler or T-square (not essential) (S798) (S753)