Elissa Barr

Elissa Barr teaches Introduction to Hand Lettering, Italic, and Blackletter classes on rotation at Brookline Community Education, Brookline, MA.
For information on her schedule of upcoming classes, visit her website: www.elissabarr.com.

Italic Calligraphy Supply List-
Pen nibs - Speedball C1, C2, C3 and Mitchell 2½, 3, 3½ (N09, N04)
Nib holder - your choice of Speedball plastic OR double-ended nib holder (H23, H39)
(note of caution on hand-turned wooden holders - they are beautiful to look at BUT need to be selected in person to avoid ones that are too long or too heavy, too skinny or too fat)
Ruler - an 18-inch clear plastic such as a C-thru or Westcott is nice, or any other ruler that is 18-inches or longer (S944)
T-square - optional…this is very useful if you have or decide to purchase a drawing board with a metal straight edge. I recommend an acrylic edged T-square rather than metal, as there is less chance of getting marks on the paper from the metal (S623)
Mechanical pencil - thin lead is preferred over thick (0.05) (PL21)
Ink - Higgins Eternal OR Pelikan 4001. Please avoid acrylic inks for now…I prefer that you start with BLACK ink (I08, I04)
Paper - your choice of:
Borden & Riley #37 Boris marker paper in 11x14 or 14x17(P09)
John Neal Books Practice paper without grid lines (P20)
Other useful supplies - a writing surface…nice to have something smooth to do your work on such as a piece of foam board larger than your paper (S690); a rag or paper towels to clean your nibs (S817); a water container (S1005); removable scotch tape (in the blue package) (S699)
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