Eliza Holliday

DUET: The Interplay of Pointed and Edged Brush

Supply List:
  • Bond Practice Paper: at least 11" x 17" (sturdy paper with some "tooth") (P70)
  • Graph Paper Pad: Blue Grid Practice Pad - needs to be very light in tint (P21). The Westwind pad is very good. (discontinued by Westwind)
Writing Kit:
  • favorite writing tools, slant board (if that's what you are used to (S690) ruling supplies (S730, S753), pencil, eraser, quote book
  • Mixing brush – an older full brush for just mixing (BR43)
  • 1/2" "Brights" flat brush - Winsor Newton 995 is good (BR01). I use the inexpensive Simply Simmons brush (BR60). Having a 1/4" and a ¾ " one is nice, but not necessary for the course.
  • Pointed brushes (round ferrule) 0-6: have at least a #2. I recommend the #2 ESCODA kolinsky sable brushes (BR22). If you already own pointed brushes, bring the ones that come to a good point when wet, and have some "spring back" to a point after pressure.
  • OR, Pentel Color Brush (BLACK) (FP57). It has the most spring you can get in an inexpensive faux fiber tool! But then you are restricted to the color black.
  • Winsor & Newton is best. Have at least black and white (Jet black and Permanent white) with primaries (Flame Red, Ultramarine Blue, Lemon Yellow, Brilliant Green) recommended. Or bring any colors you have. Also any watercolors you ALREADY HAVE. (Click HERE for Our Winsor & Newton Selections)
Water Jar:
  • I like a little water sprayer to reconstitute dry colors (S276, S836).
Mixing tray:
  • Six depression plastic palette, shallow dishes, small plates, small muffin tin (S679).
  • Bring at least one sheet of dark (black, blue, dark red, dark green) paper. Canson Mi Tientes (PS61, PS01) is good and some Arches text wove, for finished projects.
  • Matboard Scrap 3"x 8": Just a small piece, what you have around, any color. Or ask for a scrap from a frame shop.