Roman Minuscules with Elmo van Slingerland - November 21, 28, December 5

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Roman Minuscules

with Elmo van Slingerland

Dates: November 21, November 28, and December 5, 2020

Hours: 12 pm to 2 pm EST (New York Time)

Price: $100

Elmo van Slingerland has been in high demand, teaching his inimitable style of Roman capitals to awed students worldwide. He now turns his attention to Roman minuscules, using the same quality of refined elegance, imbued with personality and character that is unmistakably Elmo.


The Roman minuscule can be considered one of the three basic sets of letter forms, along with capital and cursive. This versatile hand lends itself to a wide range of interpretations, variations, and modifications. We will look at different possibilities to write the Roman minuscule. Attention will be given to the shape and line quality, refinement, and pen use so that you will learn to write these letters with elegance and great form. This class is for intermediate/advanced students.

For the duration of the class, students will be encouraged to share their work to a private Facebook group or uploaded to a Dropbox shared folder for the instructor to offer brief comments and guidance.

All live sessions will be recorded and made available for students to review online until January 16, 2020.

Materials list:

  • Broad-edged pens: ±3mm, and some other sizes, smaller and bigger. Use nibs you are familiar with. I prefer Speedball because of its flexibility, but that is my personal preference. For smaller nibs (± 1mm), I prefer Mitchell. (N04) (N09)


  • layout paper, preferably A3 size or 14 x 17 inches, such as Daler & Rowney, or a similar brand, as long as the paper doesn’t bleed. (P09) (P32)
  • Water-based black ink (Higgins or Pelikan 4001), as long as it doesn’t bleed or spread. (I08) (I04)
  • A pencil to make notes. (S142)
  • Rag

Optional materials for producing completed works: