Beginning Bookbinding Supply List

Click HERE for information and to register. John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

  • Non-Adhesive Binding, Vol. 1: Books without Paste or Glue (Paperback) by Keith A. Smith
Bookbinding Adhesives (Anne askes that students purchase both)
  • Lineco Neutra pH 8 oz. Adhesive (PVA glue) OR SOBO Glue. (S340)
  • 1.5 oz. container of Lineco® Pure Methyl Cellulose (S343)
  • Straight and curved bookbinding needles (S219, S218)
  • 2 Ziploc 16 oz. plastic containers with threaded lids (to prepare and store your glue mixture and methyl cellulose.)
  • Bone or horn folder (real bone or horn, not plastic, please.) (S308, S117-H)
  • Binders Board (click HERE for our selection of binder's board)
  • Beeswax (S289)
  • Wax Paper
  • Mechanical Pencil (PL21)
  • Exacto Knife & blades (S417)
  • Self-healing cutting mat (at least 12 x 18) (S504)
  • glue brush (S832)
  • Non-slip metal ruler (S270)
  • Awl (S255)
  • Piercing Cradle (S618)
  • Scissors (S835)
  • Paper towels (S817)
  • Covered brick to weigh down drying pieces. (A stack of books also does nicely!)
  • Bookbinding thread:Londonderry Linen Thread 18/3 (S825)
Paper for pages of your books. Annes says, "When I make a journal, I usually use 40 8.5 x 11 sheets of text weight paper, or something that takes ink well, but folds easily. Below are my faves for binding a book. You don't have to get all of these papers and if you'd rather use your own favorite papers, that is OK."
  • Strathmore Calligraphy Pad (P83)
  • Classic Crest Antique Gray or Natural white, Smooth Writing Paper, 24W.
  • Southworth Resumé Paper, 24lb in white or ivory.
  • Decorative Cover Papers (This is decorative handmade paper that comes in many different patterns, textures and weights. Common names are: Washi Paper, Japanese Decorative Papers, Kozo Paper, Yuzen Paper, Lokta Paper. Pick at least 3-5 sheets you like that are not tissue paper thin or too stiff to be bent without cracking, and that can withstand adhesion with wet glue. We will cover our boards with this paper and within the pages of your book for collage and binding.)
  • (optional) Paper from recycled vintage books, illustrations, maps or ephemera to collage with your other decorative papers