Envelopes & Etiquette with Suzanne Cunningham

This workshop is all about the envelopes. Everything you need to know to properly address envelopes will be covered. The desk setup, the list, all of the dos and don'ts, and everything in between will be discussed. The morning is spent going over the material and the afternoon is all about addressing envelopes and applying what you've learned. This is a fun, informative class that will leave you ready to tackle even the trickiest address!

Class Supplies
  • Moon Palace sumi (I70)
  • favorite pointed nib (Suzanne likes Hunt 22 and Hunt 101) (N93, N77)
  • penholder of your preference (H133, H129, H114)
  • 4-5 envelopes size A9 (6x9) or larger (these may be white, colored, or some of each)
  • water cup (S1005)
  • paper towels (S817)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • Protractor (S632)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Fons & Porter white pencil (S769)
Optional Supplies
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleed Proof White ink (I38)
  • gold ink (I27)
  • any other colors you'd like to include (I28)
  • light pad if you have one. [NOTE: Please do NOT purchase a light pad specifically for this class. It is NOT necessary. You will be able to do everything that is needed without it!] (S939, S1013)

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