Elmo van Slingerland - Broad-edged pen: Roman Capitals

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Broad-edged pen: Roman Capitals

Elmo van Slingerland

3-Day Workshop

Intermediate – Advanced


In this workshop we will make Roman capitals with the broad-edged pen, both small and large, formal and informal, single stroke and double stroke. We will focus on good proportions, the technique of applying serifs, attention to detail and quality of form. All of this will be done in a slow, concentrated manner of writing. We will use pen techniques like pressure/release and pen twisting, to obtain the desired letter shapes. We’ll practice letters with character and strive for sophisticated calligraphy with refinement and lively detail.


  • A3/11 x 17″ 90 grams paper (good quality non-bleeding paper: paper with some texture/’tooth’ (Blocks like Canson Croquis or Fabriano Skizzi, other brands are possible as well), but layout paper is also good: I use Daler Rowney 45 grams. (P32) (P09-50)
  • You will use an A3/11 x 17″ paper sheet with guidelines (which I will provide as a pdf), so the paper needs to be light enough to show the guidelines.
  • Some tubes gouache and/or watercolors (preferable darker colors), maybe ink if that is your preference (I use Pelikan 4001), but be careful that it doesn’t bleed or spread. You can also use an ink stick, if you prefer that. (WNG1) (WNWC1) (I153)
  • Broad edged pens in different sizes and holders. Take a Speedball (C2) (N02) (N04) (N09) (H39) (H62) (H104), but don’t hesitate to take also other brands if you have a preference (at least ±3 mm, but take some different smaller and bigger sizes for instance an Automatic pen and a ruling pen if you own one). (N22) (N27)
  • (mechanical) pencil (my preference HB or H) (PL21)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • rags
  • brush (cheap) for mixing your paint and fill your pen (BR43)
  • a little plate/saucer or whatever to mix your paint on (S679)
  • a jar for water (S1005)
  • Some sheets (A3/11 x 17″ or bigger) good paper (like watercolor paper –hot or cold pressed, Ingres, or paper that you like/are familiar with) (PS42) (PS110) (PS05) (PS22-WHI) (PS00)