Elmo van Slingerland - Whispers and Screams - Exploring the Ruling Pen - June 8, 15, 22, 29

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Whispers and Screams — Exploring the Ruling Pen
Elmo van Slingerland

Online via Zoom
June 8, 15, 22, 29, 2022; 7:00 - 8:30 PM (CET)

The ruling pen was designed to create technical drawings, but for several years now it has been a very popular tool among calligraphers – and not without a reason: It is great fun to write with. It is a versatile tool, capable of creating a wide range of forms, from dark and dense shapes to light and frivolous letters. A ruling pen can make your letters whisper and scream!

In this workshop we will use the ruling pen intensively. You will learn techniques to use it – from formal to informal, expressive to controlled.

Positions of holding the pen, arm/wrist movement, and writing speed are features which influence your lettering. We will focus on these aspects, and always with attention for the quality of line and form.

Classes will be held in English via Zoom. Live sessions will be recorded for online viewing up to two months after the last day of the workshop.

In the week between each live session, students will have time to practice, ask questions on the class forum, and submit assignments online for instructor critique.

Open to all skill levels.


For more information and to register: https://www.elmovanslingerland.com


Supply List:

  • Ruling pen: Preferably a ruling pen with wide metal blades (these can hold more ink or paint). It can be an old one or a new model. (N22, N215, N211, N208)

    You may also want a traditional narrow-bladed ruling pen (old or new). (N33)

    If you are in possession of a related pen, such as the so-called folded pen (cola pen) or another type/brand of ruling pen, keep it handy (each ruling pen is unique and will produce its own unique line). (N30, N155, N148)

  • Watercolour and/or gouache (black, and colours of your choice). For black gouache I use Talens Intenso black, but other quality brands are of course also possible (think W&N, etc.) (WNG1, SG27, WNWC1)

  • Non-waterproof ink; I prefer Pelikan 4001, but you can also use Higgins Eternal or a similar brand. Talens Ecoline is also nice for practice. (I04, I08, I153)

  • Sufficient practice paper (eg copy/printer paper, layout paper or kraft paper), preferably A3 size / 11 x 17 inches (smaller format may be limiting for working with the ruling pen) (P09-50) (P32)

  • A few sheets of quality paper (approximately A3 size / 11 x 17 inches). It would be nice to have slightly smoother paper and paper with a rougher texture at your disposal. (PS22-WHI, PS01-FS, PS42, PS103)

  • Old brush to fill your pen (we will dip the pen, but also fill it with a brush) (BR43)

  • Small jar for your watercolour and/or gouache (you must be able to dip the pen) (S260, S843, S276)

  • Water jar (S1005)

  • Pencil ±HB (for notes and drawing guidelines) (PL38)

  • Ruler (S270)

  • Rags
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