Reggie Ezell - Blackletter and Variations Hosted by Memphis Calligraphy Guild I October 17 and 18

This class is not hosted by John Neal Books.

Click here for the PDF flyer.


Supply List:

  • Pen handle (H62)
  • Ink (I70)

Nibs, sizes: : 5mm, 3mm

  • Brause, Mitchell, Speedball (N02) (N04, N07) (N09)

You may have limited table surface in your home setup for a Zoom class, preventing you from using a slant board. You will probably be working flat. That means you would do well to have a reservoir on your nib so that ink does not flood out of it uncontrollably.

The pre-line sheets of guidelines you have printed onto good paper. Examples: arches watercolor hot press 90 pound, Triomphe, Rhodia, your choice. (PA42) (P36) (P53)

  •  Gum Arabic liquid (I84)
  •  Paper towels (S817)
  •  Water jar (S784)


  • Pencil and ruler (S142) (S798)
  • Pouch of gum sandarac (S123)
  • Hand guard ( Color paper 8 1/2 x 11)
  • Calligraphy grid pad any size (P22)