Reggie Ezell - Foundational and Variations - Feb 27 and 28 2021

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Foundational and Variations:
Instructor: Reggie Ezell
February 27&28, 2021

This is considered by many to be the “foundation” for learning calligraphic let-terforms with the broad edge pen. Many a contemporary font are based on these lower case letters. This is great for entry level students or for those who want to revisit this style if they haven’t used it in a while. These will serve as a springboard in creating multiple contemporary var-iations, as well as a set of basic capitals.

Supply List:

• Pen handle (H113) (H62)
• Writing fluid of your choice (Moon Palace Sumi is excellent) (I70)
 Broad edge nibs:

either- Mitchell: #1, #1 1/2, #2, #2 ½, #3 (N04) (N07)
• You must have a reservoir for Mitchells if you are working flat.
• If you are using a slant board you won’t need a reservoir.
• or- Speedball: C-2, C-3, C-4 (N09)
• or- Brause or Tape: 1mm, 11/2mm, 2mm, 2 1/2mm, 3mm (N02)

• In the handouts you will be sent there are pre-line sheets of guidelines that you
will print onto good paper. Examples: Arches watercolor hot press 90 pound,
Triomphe, Rhodia, or your choice. They are good surfaces for writing and run
through a printer easily.
•Winsor Newton Gum Arabic liquid (I84)
• Paper towels (S817)
• six part mixing pan (S679)
• dropper, water, water jar (S1017) (S897)
• Pencil and ruler (PL38) (S798)
• Pouch of gum sandarac (S123)
• Hand guard ( Color paper 8 1/2 x 11)
• Calligraphy grid pad any size (P01-8) (P75)