Reggie Ezell - Gilding for Beginners | Ongoing

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Gilding for Beginners
  • Instacoll yellow (S892)
  • Instacoll clear (S1110)
  • Activator (S1111)
  • Gold leaf (S189, S189-5)
  • Spoon shape burnisher (S661, S1038)
  • Dropper or pipette (S705, S1039)
  • Glassine - either a full sheet you will cut or 5 inch squares pre cut (PS94, PA94-SQ)
  • Pointed brushes sizes 0 and 000 (BR26)
  • Six part mixing pan (S679)
  • X-Acto # 10 and # 11 (S417, S129, S130)
  • Soft white vinyl eraser, pencil shape (E22)
  • B&J Masters brush cleaner (S930)
  • Arches hot press 90 pound watercolor paper, either a full sheet you will cut, or 8 1/2 x 11 sheets pre cut (PS42, PA42)