Reggie Ezell - Carolingian Morphed Beyond Recognition (Version #6) - October 24

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Carolingian Morphed Beyond Recognition – Online

Dates & Times October 24, 2020

Time 10:00 am to 12:00 pm EST. Zoom platform and Password Required

Instructor - Reggie Ezell Prerequisites: Some experience with a broad edge pen and / or the Carolingian Script

Registration Opens September 10, 2020 to full members and Friends. Closes October 17, 2020 or at capacity
For more information, please review Program Policies and Information and Payment Information. To become a member refer to member services. To register for a course on or after the Open Date, please complete our Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

This will be an energetic variation of Carolingian. Together we will trace it’s lineage back to standard Carolingian to see how it was transformed. In this on-line course, you will learn a unique wide bodied script with a variation of body height and slant named Version # 6. This script is useful for headings, envelopes and almost any kind of splashy things you would want to create!

  • 1 1/2 mm nib (Brause or Tape) or #3 Mitchell with reservoir or C-4 Speedball nib (N01)(N02)(N04)(N07)(N09)
  • pen handle (Click here for our full selection)
  • bottle of gum arabic (I84)
  • writing fluid of your choosing (If you are using ink I would highly recommend Moon Palace Sumi.) (I70)
  • mixing pan (S679)
  • mixing brush (BR43)
  • paper towels (S817)
  • dropper & water (S1017)
  • pad of calligraphy paper (8 squares to the inch)(P21)(P22)
  • pouch of gum sandarac (S123)
  • the handouts that you have printed out for yourself for this session.
    In the handouts there are two identical pages of writing lines. You will want to copy these onto a paper that is good for calligraphy: Arches watercolor hot press 90 lb, or Rhodia, or Triomphe, or any favorite of yours that will run through a printer. (PA42) (P36) (P53)
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