Gothic Calligraphy for Beginners | June 27

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Online: Gothic Calligraphy for Beginners.
June 27, 11am-1pm
Also known as Blackletter, this is a very strong and bold lettering style. We will do a very simple and structured stroll through these lower and upper case letters forms. This class is designed for someone to walk in off the street, realize that even if they "can't draw a straight line", they can do calligraphy.

  • calligraphy marker - size 2 mm (M65, M82, M83)

Recommended for further inspiration, information, and study:
  • Italic DVD by Reggie Ezell (DVD55)
  • Italic Portfolio by Reggie Ezell (B4070)
  • A Little Manual of Calligraphy by Charles Pearce (B2979)
  • Written Letters by Jacqueline Svaren - Preorder Available (B4302)
  • Pen: Pilot Parallel Pen, 3 mm* (FP67)
  • Ink: Moon Palace Sumi* (I70)
  • Paper: Grid paper made for Calligraphy, 11" x 17" (P21)
*Loading the Pilot Parallel Pen (an alternative to using cartridges)

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