Diane Stum Fekete I Text and Texture - September 19

To register for this workshop sponsored by FotA (Friends of the Alphabet Atlanta), click HERE.

This class is not hosted by John Neal Books.

Sponsored by FotA (Friends of the Alphabet Atlanta)
Diane Stum Fekete, Instructor
Saturday, 19 September 2020
10:00 AM – 5 PM EDT USA
USD $55

In “Text & Textures,” you will learn how to create expressive feature words and blocks of lettering as visual texture, using nibs, ruling pens and other tools in unique ways. Although this online class is designed for those who know at least one calligraphy hand, it is not required; you can use your own handwriting. Class fee includes in-class feedback on your work as time permits (maximum of 20 students), emailed handouts and access to class video recording. Click HERE for detailed class description, complete supply list and registration on FotA’s website. 


  • Speedball C2 nib (N09)
  • 1 or more smaller nibs (N09)
  • Nib holder(s) (H104) (H105)
  • Tool for larger writing – at least 1 (one) of these tools: ruling pen/ruling writer, folded ruling pen, homemade “cola” pen, drafting ruling pen, Luthis pen, Tim’s pen, Brody Neuenschwander Ruling Pen (N156) (N148) (N155) (N22) (N30) (N208) (N211) (N33)
  • Ink – Higgins Eternal OR walnut ink OR Sumi ink (NOT waterproof ink, NOT acrylic ink) (I08) (I70) (I53) (I145)
  • Small container for ink for dipping (S835)
  • Brush for loading nib (BR43)
  • Paper – layout paper pad OR marker paper pad OR laser copier paper; 14”x17” OR 11”X14” (P09-50) (P41) (P32)
  • Pencil for ruling guidelines – recommend 0.5 mm mechanical pencil w/ 2H lead (PL21)
  • Wooden pencil & sharpener (S142) (PL13) (S960)
  • Ruler 12” or longer (18” or 24” better), cork-backed ruler is best choice (S270) (S271) (S503)
  • Eraser – white vinyl or kneaded (E06)(E09) (E13)
  • A favorite tool for handwriting (non-calligraphy): pencil, pen, marker, gel pen, etc.
  • 1 or more nature objects (to dip in ink) – stick, shell, acorn, pinecone, rock, feather, etc.
  • Quotation – 3-10 words


  • A few colored pencils or watercolor pencils (PL28) (PL08)
  • Small watercolor brush (BR27) (BR38) (BR30)
  • Graphite stick OR ArtGraf stick (S949)
  • Gouache -  Click here for our gouache selection.
  • Black paper (P87) (P81)
  • White writing fluid – Dr Martin’s Bleedproof white or white gouache (NOT waterproof, NOT acrylic) (I38) (WNG1)
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$12.00 $9.68
$4.50 $3.99