Foundational Hand with Tamara Stoneburner

Foundational is an unusual creature. Its core existence revolves around being thoroughly consistent, both in its precision in spacing and letter shape. It is meant to be a humanistic bookhand resulting from broad-edged letterforms, used for its ultimate readability within text, its warm and welcoming aesthetic, and even overall texture. This workshop is an in-depth overview of its origin and development from 10th-century psalters by its modernizer, Edward Johnston (considered and highly-regarded as the 'Father of Modern Calligraphy'). We'll apply his 7-step analysis (pen scale, pen angle, shape, serif systems, downstrokes & stems, ductus, and speed) in order to gain a deeper understanding of the power Foundational possesses through its elegant simplicity. This is a two-part workshop. The first half (morning) will be a history lecture with the instructor's demo and discussion of the letterforms. The second half (afternoon) will involve hands-on practice and application with an accompanying Q&A and clinic-style troubleshooting session. There will also be a discussion of how to use Foundational for contemporary projects and what other hands it can be paired with to provide visual impact and function. This workshop is appropriate for beginners to be exposed to a broad-edged style of writing. It also accommodates the intermediate and advanced levels, serving as both an academic analysis and refresher/fine-tuning exercise.

Class Supplies
  • Borden and Riley 37 Boris Marker Layout Bright White Translucent Bond Pad, 14 x 17 Inches, 50 white sheets (P09-50)
  • Pilot Parallel Pen (either 1.5mm or 2.4mm size) (FP67)
  • Marvy Calligraphy Marker Pen (black, 2.0mm size) (M02)
  • 8-1/2 " x 11" pad of small-grid paper (8 squares to the inch) (P22)
  • mechanical pencil of your choice (PL21)
  • 12" ruler (S270)
  • Papermate White Pearl rubber eraser

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