Gemma Black - Drawing the Fibonacci Sequence

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Drawing the Fibonacci Sequence

Gemma Black

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome
Lettering • Design • Drawing • Painting


Briefly, we will explore the fascinating history of the Fibonacci sequence and understand why it is so important to creative people and creative minds. We will draw, paint and letter using the f.Spiral as our basis. We will work both freehand (trust me) as well as geometrically draw the sequence. A five hour workshop of pure joy and amazing outcomes. A little Math is required, but you don’t have to be good at it!


  • some off cuts of fine art paper that will take water colour and/or some
  • cartridge paper and/or some scribble paper and/or a notebook
  • a clear ruler with clear mm
  • a sharp lead pencil, I like the mechanical .5 for technical drawing (PL21)
  • an eraser (E13)
  • 1/2in flat brush (BR24)
  • some watercolours if you like to use them (I153) (S994)
  • mix some up ready to paint with
  • or watercolour coloured pencils
  • or coloured pencils (PL28)
  • or watery ink etc
  • have a rag or clean-up stuff handy
  • you will need a compass, you know the type for drawing circles right?!(S1061)