Gemma Black - Lettering and Grounds - March 12-13

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Lettering and Grounds
With Gemma Black
Hosted by Scribes of Central Florida

March 12-13, 2022

Time: 9:30 to 4:30 EST

Zoom and in person – Class will be recorded and available for 21 days.

Cost: $125 Members; $150 Non-Members

Watercolor is one of the oldest and most magical of painting mediums in the world. In the hands of a good calligrapher watercolor can transform a piece of work from the ordinary to the extraordinary. In this two-day live online workshop we will learn:

  • The properties of watercolor
  • Why use watercolor
  • To mix according to our needs
  • To paint in solid and in wash styles
  • Watercolor with the nib
  • Watercolor with the brush, and;
  • Watercolor grounds

The lettering of choice for this workshop will be Roman capitals, versals & Trajan.

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  • A dip-in pen set of broad nibs (Brause or Mitchell recommended) (NO2-S9) (N04-S10B)
  • 2 medium sized water jars (S1005)
  • A couple of pieces 300gsm (140lb) cold press watercolour paper (P106) (P113)
    Letter size will be adequate for this demonstration. The better the quality paper, the better quality the result you will get.
  • A few sheets of bond, marker, practice or layout paper (P20) (P70) (P32)
  • A few sheets of letter size tracing paper (P43) (P112)
  • Soft white pencil rubber/eraser (E30)
  • Long see-through plastic ruler & small metal ruler (S944) (S270)
  • HB lead pencils (mechanical preferably) (PL21) (PL22)
  • 1/2" &/or 1" good watercolour brush (flat) (BR01: W&N 995)
  • Small short haired brushes, size 000 or 00; not the expensive sable brushes, but you’re welcome to use them if you have them. (BR48)
  • Cheap smallish brushes for mixing colour (BR43)
  • Any tubes artist quality watercolour (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3)
  • Palette – white ceramic or Asian ceramic sauce dishes or white ice cube tray (S747) (S1091)
  • Masking tape - low tac, 1⁄2 – 1" wide (S412)
  • Tissues or rag
  • Notebook