Gina Jonas - A Meditative Calligraphy Technique

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A Meditative Calligraphy Technique


Saturday, July 4 at 9:00 AM CDT

All Skill Levels Welcome
Calligrapher’s tool and relationship to consciousness


Gina invites you to discover your body’s potential to develop the potent calligraphic qualities of movement, energy, rhythm, and feeling. To start, we engage the conscious breath to become present, relax, and slow down. Then, through tool exercises, we cultivate our awareness of the ever-intriguing calligraphic act: moving a tool and contacting a surface to form letters. By sensitizing fingers and arm muscles to the forces of stroke making—pressure, pushing, and pulling—we nurture a relationship that connects us to ourselves, our letters, and our world.

This class is also a prerequisite/preparation for
Moto: Movement & Touch” – 2-Day Workshop.



1. “Calligraphy as Art and Meditation: A New Approach,” Gina Jonas.  (B4266) Page numbers below refer to this book.

2. Artist pencil (4B) – See page 3. (PL38 4B or 6B)
• Please follow the instructions in “Preparing the tool,” page 3.

3. Conté crayon (Sanguine). This is another type of soft pencil, encased in wood, not a solid stick of marking substance. · Please prepare this tool as the pencil, but note, the marking substance is softer and takes a more sensitive touch.

4. A large, dry “edged” tool, (approx. ½” -1″) such as a piece of:
• Square-edged chalk
• Pastel color stick (not oil) 
• Compressed charcoal
5. Cloth wiper, partially moistened (for cleaning hands)
6. 3mm Brause nib (new) (N02) and staff – (H49, Universal holder) · Please prepare the nib, pages 136-7.

7. Free-flowing ink such as Higgins Eternal (I08)
8. An ink well, (See page 140, “Ink setup”), such as:
• A large dinky dip (see JNB link) (S844)
• A very small, transparent jar
• An empty glass bottle of ink
9. Pipette (S141)
10. Wiper for preparing/cleaning the nib
11. Large paper tablet or a few sheets (14×17, 12×18, 11×17, 11×14 –or larger), suggestions:
• John Neal Bookseller, Calligraphy Practice Pad (plain) (P20)
• Strathmore drawing paper (P100)
12. Padded slant board, suggestions
• Portable writing board
• Portable desk set at a slope
• Drafting table
• If your paper is in a tablet, you can use the pad itself or a few sheets from it.
• For other possibilities, see my article: “Nib Contact: the case for the touch-sensitive writing board.” (, in

Publications – scroll past the first large image, “the letter ‘a’ at play,” to the articles. It’s the fourth one.)