Mike Gold - Over and Over: Contemporary Script - October 24, 25

For more information please contact Mike here
John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

“Over and Over” with Mike Gold

The Calligraphy Guild of Columbus is pleased to announce a Mike Gold Zoom workshop titled “Over and Over” on Saturday and Sunday, October 24 & 25, 2020, from 11am to 6pm EDT with a mid-class lunch break. If you need to step away for a while, no problem, the class is being recorded to review later. No need to pack your supplies and tote them to class. Class is in your studio! Just swivel in your chair!

This class is designed as a calligraphy marathon, where you will compose the same text (or letter) over and over, but in many different ways. You will be helped along by a series of exercises that will involve different media, tools and techniques. There will be opportunities to treat the text literally and more abstractly. Some of the exercises will involve color, others black & white. You will come away from the day with lots of info on how to compose many variations of a text and hopefully a little work. Put your running shoes on and bring a pen.

Registration is $98 for members/$118 for non-members, plus a $20 handout and mailing fee. For class details and registration visit our Workshop tab on our website: https://calligraphyguildofcolumbus.org/workshops-2/

If you have shied away from Zoom, this will be the perfect one to sign up for. Heather Martinez will conduct a Zoom session, a few days prior to class, to get you comfortable with Zoom, show you around the app, and have you do a system check to be sure you are up and running for class.

Join us from the convenience of your own home for a fun learning experience

Supply List:

For more information please contact Mike here
John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Contemporary Scripts Supply List

  • At least six 11"x14" sheets of Arches Text Wove or comparable (PS01)
  • At least two 11"x14" sheets Strathmore or Canson Pastel paper, soft colors (not white or ivory) (PS61)
  • At least two 11"x14" sheets cold press watercolor paper (I like Arches 140 lb.) (PS48)
  • Shipping costs for large sheets of paper (PS00)
  • 80# Strathmore 400 Drawing Pad, 11x14" (P100)
  • Black calligraphy ink, such as Higgins Eternal (or comparable); Sumi ink (I like Yasutomo or Moon Palace); Quink (optional: I like Blue and Blue-Black) (I08, I24-2, I24-6, I70)
  • Walnut ink (I150, I53, I145)
  • White calligraphy ink (I like Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White and Permanent White gouache). Others that work fine: Moon Palace White Sumi, Winsor & Newton White Calligraphy Ink (I38, WNG1, I60)
  • A few color inks: I recommend Dr. Martin's Tech Drawing inks (various colors, non-acrylic). Note: Dr. Martin's Bombay waterproof India inks and/or any color inks with eye dropper top will also do, even if acrylic inks. - I will have some to share. (I109, I153)
  • Color pencils (Prismacolor are best) and/or dry pastels (a few colors) - optional, but good to have (I will have some to share) (PL05)
  • Some favorite gouaches Click here for our selection of gouache.
  • Stiff and flexible pointed pens (I like Nikko G) and other favorite pens (N113, N118) Click here for our selection of pointed nibs
  • Ruling pen, cola pen, other unusual writing tools (optional, but recommended) (N22, N33, N148)
  • Speedball C2 through C5 nib pens; favorite small Mitchell or Brause nibs, or comparable (N09, N04, N02)
  • Automatic pens (1/2" to 1") or comparable (Optional, but highly recommended) (N27) (N214)
  • Favorite pointed brushes (for applying watercolor and gouache) and flat brushes (for wash and broad strokes) (BR26, BR69) Click here for our selection of brushes
  • Watercolor set (if you don't have, gouache or tubes of watercolor will work) (S609)
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