Barbara Calzolari - American Cursive - Dec 4, 11, and 18

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American Cursive is an easy calligraphic style, pleasant to learn, quick to execute and very rewarding. It is also called Business Writing and like the most famous English Round Script and the Spencerian have been successfully used in the field of business writing. American Cursive developed in the late 1800s to teach in corporate colleges and eventually elementary schools. This is a monoline cursive style of writing. American Cursive is essentially an unshaded form of cursive writing style that evolved after the development of Spencerian writing. Since the style did not require shading, a flexible pen was not required. Modern hand professionals can easily use a fountain pen or ballpoint pen with equal effectiveness. In the United States, many calligraphers have learned a version of simple calligraphy in school such as the Palmer method or the Zaner-Bloser writing method. I like American Cursive since it is very joyful to write it and easy to understand and I find it beautiful when mixed with other styles mostly for Lettering and mixed styles calligraphic combinations. For overseas students are welcome as well and recording will be sent to you after the workshop and you can view it at your own time for a dedicated time period !

Date : 4, 11 & 18 December 2020 (Friday)

Time : 19:30 pm - 22:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)

Fees : HKD 1,400.00 / USD 180.00

Supply List:

  • White A4 paper or light weight paper (P25)
  • Pencil 2B (S142)
  • Pen Gel black fine line (“Slicci” 0.4 or Pentel Energel Xm Klick 0.5 or Pilot G-Tec 0.4) (M08)
  • Glass Pen
  • Any fine markers (M148)