Eleanor Winters - Foundational Hand - Jul 11th - Aug 1st

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The Foundational Hand

By Eleanor Winters

11 Jul 2021 - 1 Aug 2021

Total of 4 sessions on Sundays

Edward Johnston, one of the fathers of contemporary calligraphy, is associated with two important scripts, the Foundational Hand and Gothicized Italic. Foundational was original viewed as a "beginner script," suitable for learning to use the broad-edged pen. It is, in fact, that and much more. Based on 10th century English Carolingian, it is an elegant contemporary hand that is deceptively simple and enormously versatile. In this class we will study the script that is indeed the foundation of so much of our calligraphy, examining the basic strokes and minuscule letters and paying close attention to spacing. It is the contrast between vertical and rounded shapes which makes this script both dynamic and visibly accessible, both in large format calligraphy and in small lettering. This class is for beginners as well as more experienced calligraphers. * This workshop is open to all students and recording will be available after class for 30 days via Zoom *

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