Holly Monroe - Pointed Pen Pizazz - April 23, 24, 30; May 1

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Pointed Pen Pizazz
with Holly Monroe

Through The Gentle Penman

Do you want to take your traditional lettering style to a new level of creativity? In my first two sessions, step outside of the ordinary and play your way through a variety of exercises that will help you to stylize your pointed pen letters and words. Think clever and unique! In session 3 and 4, learn to flourish with the intention of enhancing pointed pen words, giving your name tags, titles, greeting cards or beautiful broadsides more ‘presence’.

It’s my hope that this workshop will inspire you to think outside of the box, helping you to create contemporary pointed pen words, phrases and flourishes, that attract people to your work. Handouts and Digital Presentation (images for inspiration) included.

HKD 1,000.00 or USD 130.00

Live presentation and will be recorded and available for 60 days following the final class.

Date: April 23, 24, 30 and May 1
Time: 7:30 am PT, 10:30 ET (3-hour sessions)

To register: www.thegentlepenman.com/pointed-pen-pizazz
For more information: thegentlepenman.hk@gmail.com

Supply List:

  • Smooth Paper for lettering – Paper can be 8.5x11 or larger (1 large of each)
    -Arches HP: 90 lb or 140 lb – Session 1, 2, 3 (PS42) (PA42)
    -Black Card stock paper or other black paper that works with pointed pen – Session 4. (PS90) (PS113) (P81)
    -Watercolor paper – Session 4. (PS48)
  • Walnut Ink or other, good for practice. (S450) (I145)
  • Moon Palace, if you prefer black ink. Other fluids like colored ink/gouache, welcome. (I70)
  • Martin’s Bleed Proof White (I38)
  • Gold Gouache - any kind, any color (HG641) (HG644) (TG100) (SG27)
  • Dinky Dip Set - or small containers or mixing tray in which to pour your ink and Dr. Martin’s.
  • (S934) (S853)
  • Oblique penholder - Your favorite (I like the Hourglass Adjustable Holder) (H115) (H133) (H53)
  • Nibs - Gilliott 303 (N72), Hunt 101 (N77), Hunt 22 (N93) or your favorite nibs
  • Pointed Brush - small or large, a brush that you sub in for your pen, and letter somewhat larger on watercolor paper. One possibility is Rhapsody #4 Round. Could be smaller. You can bring a variety of brushes if you have them in your collection. Click here for JNB selection.
  • Traditional Ruling Pen - small inexpensive one is fine. (N33)
  • Ruler - 18-20" or what you have on hand (S871)
  • Drawing pencil - HB lead, or pencil you have on hand. Favorite = GraphGear .05/.07 (PL21)
  • Eraser-Mars Staedtler or other soft pencil eraser. (E13)
  • Dropper Bottle - to drop water into gouache/watercolor to liquify (S1017)
  • Water container - to rinse pens & paint rag (or paper towels) (S1005)
  • Portable Drawing Board - Optional for the workshop. Helpful for your lettering. (S690)
  • Additional art supplies that you might have on hand and care to use in class.
$9.05 $8.55
$13.70 $9.65
$15.51 $11.75
$12.00 $8.99