Luca Barcellona - Blackletter : The Basics of Gothic - April 4, 11, 18, 25

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Live Online Workshop by Luca Barcellona

Blackletter : The basics of Gothic

Gothic script is definitely the calligraphic style with the strongest appeal, thanks to its strong and sharp shapes. The workshop offers a journey through this writing style, starting from the textura, mainly used for writing manuscripts, to its Renaissance evolution. The fraktur writing, characterized by a strongly decorative component with complex and generous capital letters, offers the chance to experience endless possibilities of variations that are still widely used today.  We will start by studying the historical shapes, writing with the broad edge pen, and then we will re-write the letters in a more expressive way using the twist of the brush. Finally we'll pass to the development of other possible alphabets, more personal and modern. A course for beginners, experts and those who want to deeper the study of this writing style.


Workshop Dates

  • 04, 11, 18 & 25 April 2021 (Sunday)
  • 17:30 pm – 19:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)

Recommended Workshop Supplies


  • 1 pad A3 or bigger (approx. 11x17) layout paper, or good quality paper (Canson Bleed proof or similar paper for ink or: no more than 120 gsm, as the paper must be transparent enough to see the guidelines. Paper must not be extremely smooth/glossy and repellent or too rough bleeding and absorbing. You need to get sharpy letters. Make a test before! (P20)
  • A few larger sheets of bleed proof or similar paper to work with larger tools
  • Short and long texts for your exercises


  • 1 Pilot parallel pen 6mm (blue cap) and black/dark colors ink cartridges (FP67)
  • Optional: Automatic Pen # 4/# 5 and 3.8mm (green cap) (N27) (FP67)
  • Two 2B pencils, rubber bands and a 2H pencil (PL38)
  • 3mm nib (and other widths as you prefer to use) (N09) (N02) (N04)


  • 1 bottle Black ink (any of Pelikan 2400, Parker Quink, Higgins Eternal, Mont Blanc (bring a fountain pen thinner ink and avoid “Calligraphy ink”)  (I04) (I08)