Grendl Löfkvist

Grendl Löfkvist is the education director for Type West at Letterform Archive and teaches type history and theory. Outside the Archive, Grendl teaches the history of graphic design, book arts, typography, and letterpress printing at City College of San Francisco, as well as calligraphy at the San Francisco Center for the Book. Type West at Letterform Archive information:

  • 2mm/5mm markers (M06)
  • 9" x 12" writing paper (PA06)
  • 12" ruler with both metric and inches (S270)
  • Pencil
Optional but fun to check out:
  • 3mm and 6mm Pilot Parallel Pens (FP67)
  • 3mm and 5mm Brause nibs (N02)
  • nib holders (H104)
  • Higgins Eternal or Moon Palace Sumi ink (I08, I70)
Brush Pen options:
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen (any color, preferably dark) (M120)
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pen (any color, preferably dark) (M119)
Paint options:
  • Nicker Poster Colour (any color, preferably dark) (S1022)
  • Windsor & Newton Gouache Series (any color, preferably dark) (WNG1)
Flat Brush options:
  • Raphael Kaerell 8796, Size 10 - 3/8 inch (BR24)
  • Windsor & Newton Series 995, Size 1/2 inch (BR01)
Round Brush options:
  • W&N Sceptre Gold 101, Size 6 (BR26)
  • Pentel Color Brush (any color, preferably dark) (FP57)