Randall Hasson - Writing with a Bent Nib

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Writing With A Bent Nib with Randall Hasson
Writing with a Bent Nib is a five-part series of online classes from Randall M. Hasson that will make you fall in love with the square, round and oval-shaped pen nibs.
In this series, you will explore the tools and techniques that created the distinctive lettering styles and characteristics of commercial letterers in the early 20th century. You'll quickly learn how to use the Speedball bent nibs to translate the traditional techniques of calligraphy and adapt them to vintage lettering styles including ornately drawn alphabets and bold-faced display lettering using multiple  strokes. In the final class of the series, you will explore using these now-familiar bent nibs to create contemporary and inventive letterforms.

Class 1: Vintage Lettering Styles
  • Speedball C-0, C-4 and C-5. The smaller Speedball nibs C4 and C5 are longer and more flexible. (N09)
  • Speedball C Set of 6 nibs (N09-S6)
  • Or assorted broad-edged nibs that you have and like (Click HERE for our selection of broad-edge nibs)
Class 2: The Speedball A Series Nib
  • Speedball A nibs, variety of sizes but at least a 0, 1, and 2 (N149)
  • Would suggest a complete set if possible (not required as you may not use all sizes) (N149-S6)
Class 3: The Speedball B Series Nib
  • Speedball B nibs, variety of sizes but at least a 0, 3, and 5 (N16)
  • Speedball B Series set of 6 nibs (N16-S6)
Class 4: The Speedball D Series Nib
  • Speedball D nibs, variety of sizes but at least a 0, 1, and 2 (N160-S3)

Ink, paper and tools for all classes:
  • Straight pen holders (Click HERE for our selection of straight holders)
Nicely flowing inks like walnut or sumi:
  • Walnut ink crystals (S449)
  • Walnut ink crystals jar (S450, S260, S276)
  • Tom Norton's Walnut Drawing Ink (I53)
  • Moon Palace sumi ink (I70)
Graph paper with 1" grid - choose from a smooth finish (dark and light grid color) or bond paper:
  • JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 sheets - choose Dark or Light (P21)
  • Gilbert Bond Graph Pad 11x17, 50 sheets (P72) -if you like a little tooth
If you are preparing other papers that you like to write on, a ruler and triangle are useful for adding guidelines in pencil. (Note: If you are using a metal ruler with a cork backing, a triangle with a flat side is preferable to a beveled edge, as the bevel may slip under the ruler.)
  • Metal ruler, 18 inch (S271)
  • Westcott Clear Plastic Grid Ruler with Metal Cutting Edge, 18 inch (S871)
  • Triangle: 12 inch 45/90 (S613)
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