Harvest Crittenden - Decorated Borders: White Vines - Nov 2, 5, 9, 12

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Decorated Borders: White Vines
With Master Penman Harvest Crittenden

Live online course via Zoom

Nov 2, 5, 9 & 12
10am California Time

10 hours total: 
2 hours per session
+ 30 minute Q&A
(all recordings available through Dec 11)

White vine decorations are just as relevant today as they were 500 years ago. They started as decorative initials or borders in Illuminated manuscripts, and can be found as decorations and borders in the Zanerian Manual. Most often used in certificate work, they are equally at home in wedding invitations and poems and prose. 
We will start with a simple design to understand their basic structure and work our way up to more intricate patterns. You will learn how to do free-standing designs and, as our final project, we will be creating a full border that you can use for a small certificate or as a frame for a picture.


Cost: $195

For more information: https://www.learncalligraphy.com/white-vines

Supply List:

  • 2 or more 5 x 7 sheets of Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper 140 lb. (one is spare in case mistakes are made) (PA47-57)
  • Simple gouache palette of at the three primary colors + black and white (I use the CMYK palette, but please use what you have) (HG800-5)
  • 2 fine point brushes (suggest 00) (BR26)
  • 1 scruffy mixing brush (BR43)
  • paper towels for cleaning brush (S817), Water bucket (S1005)
  • mixing palette (S679)
  • waterproof black ink (I70), OR Pigma pen (M17)
  • 1 pointed nib & holder for fine line drawing (N113) (H111) (OR the above Pigma pen)
  • pencil, hb or harder (PL38)
  • ruler or straight edge (S270) (S271)
  • 1 embosser, small ends (S478)
  • 1 sheet of grid paper, 1/8th inch grid (if you have another size of graph paper, use what you have) (P22)
  • 1 sheet of tracing paper (I use drafting vellum) (P43)