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Heather Held Line Dances: Flourished Borders

Line Dances: Flourished Borders – All Skill Levels
Teacher: Heather Held

Class Supplies
  • Straight pen holder (H113, H105, H122)
  • Medium flexible nib such as the Zebra G (N118)
  • McCaffery Brown Ink or McCaffery Penman's Black Ink or Old World Iron Gall Ink (I37, I116)
  • Pencil (S142)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Metal cork-backed ruler ( at least 5") (S270)
  • Note taking supplies
  • Paper towel (S817)
  • Small water dish (S1005)
  • Practice paper such as Rhodia or Maruman (Gridded or Blank) (P64, P55, P53)
  • A few sheets of art paper cut to 5"x7" such as ivory cardstock, or 140 lb Hot Press watercolor paper, or Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper(PS47-57, PA100-57)
  • Optional Supplies
    Bring the following supplies if you want to add color to your designs:
    • A few colored pencils in floral colors (PL28)
    • Watercolor (S994)
    • Small pointed round watercolor brush (BR26, BR38)
    • gold gouache or watercolor (SA_GOU, SG27, S1010)

    H113. Turned Wood Straight Holder
    H113. Turned Wood Straight Holder.

    Choose from three beautiful styles:
    The Ornamental Wood Holder has intricate ornamental turnings inspired by those on the Century Penholders.

    The Ebony Wood Holder has the same design as the Ornamental version but is made out of a very dark (almost black) African hardwood. This version is slightly heavier than the other versions.

    The Tapered Wood Holder has a finely tapered classic shape. All Tapered are the same dark brown/black color.

    The Zanerian Wood Holder has a slimly tapering shaft and a teardrop finial.

    Each style has the standard metal nib gripper and overall length of 6.5-6.75". Quantity discount at 12+.

    Your Price $14.95

    H105. Cork Tip Holder
    H105. Cork Grip Holder.

    These holders are very similar to the popular Koh-I-Noor 127 N cork-tip penholder (H38) and the General Pencil version (H99) that we also sell. (Other than the logo, I can’t see any difference between those and this lower-priced version.) Scribes like the comfortable cushion of the cork, and the grip is thicker than standard wood penholders. Many calligraphers find this kind of holder a pleasure to use. Standard metal nib gripper. From Germany.

    Choose from three finishes: Natural, Brown, Black.

    Price break at 3.

    Your Price $5.75

    H122. Retro-styled Thick Straight Holder
    H122. Retro-styled Thick Straight Holder.
    Approx. 1/2" dia. x 7" long.

    This holder has the streamline design evocative of the mid-twentieth century. It is thicker than the regular turned wood holders, which is helpful for people with arthritis or joint problems. This penholder is great for those who like their pens a bit heavier.

    Your Price $15.95

    N118. Zebra G Nib
    Zebra Nib.

    Similar to the popular Nikko G Nib, but a little more flexible and sharper. It will produce a finer hairline than the Nikko. Same sturdy quality. If you are using the Nikko G but would like to be able to write with thinner hairlines and thicker strokes, give these nibs a try. Michael Sull still recommends the Nikko G nib as best for learning Spencerian, but this Zebra G Nib is a good one, too, for Spencerian.

    Which holders will work with this nib?

    Just wanted to let you know about my experience with the ZEBRA G nibs: Santa was very generous to me this year and I got a dozen. I pulled the nibs out to play with this weekend and I have found my new love. I used the nib with Walnut Ink and the hairlines, so thin, so smooth, with a light touch and the nib skated effortlessly across the page. I really enjoyed working with this nib. If you haven't had the chance to try this nib out yet, it's worth the couple of bucks. I haven't tried any of my other inks, but I will be doing that this week. So far, I'm loving these nibs. Don't know if they are workhorses yet - I only had them a few days. - Ilovepenmanship

    I love them too. The nibs are great with the iron gall inks because the ink does not eat the nib as fast. Great hairlines and just enough flex for shades. Much thanks to John Neal for these!!! - Nan DeLuca

    Your Price

    I37. McCaffery's Penman's Ink
    I37. McCaffery’s Penman’s Ink
    1 oz. jar.

    Formulated for the pointed pen, which is used for Spencerian, Copperplate, etc, not for the broad-edged pen used for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic), etc.

    The black ink is an oak gall ink which was developed with the help of leading penmen of today to provide an ink similar to that used during America’s golden age of Ornamental Penmanship in the 19th and 20th centuries. With a newly opened bottle, the black ink writes brown but turns a dense black. Good for fine hairlines.

    (Colors and whites are not oak gall inks. They are made with natural pigments).

    Choose from Ivory, White, Indigo Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Red-Violet, Black, Glossy Black.
    Prices of colors vary.

    I37. McCaffery's Ink color chart

    Click to read what Michael Sull has to say about using McCaffery's

    Your Price

    I116. Old World Oak Gall Ink
    An oak gall ink made with period recipes and materials including oak galls, iron salts, logwood dyes and acacia gum (Gum Arabic). Oak gall ink was used for many medieval manuscripts and is very popular today for Spencerian and Copperplate. For paper and vellum. Dries waterproof. 2 oz bottle.

    This ink can be reconstituted using distilled water and letting it sit overnight. Then stir well and break up any solids.

    Old World Ink Product Help:

    "It is really nice and darker than regular iron gall ink." - Nan DeLuca.

    "This ink is terrific! Smooth off the pen, it is jet black with hairlines as fine as any penman could want." - Bob Hurford

    Your Price

    S142. Design Drawing Pencils
    Design Drawing Pencils
    Design 3800. Prismacolor Turquoise.

    "6H" is hardest lead. "9B" is softest lead, Specify 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, HB, H, F, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B.

    Your Price

    E13. Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser
    E13. Staedtler Mars White Plastic Eraser

    A highly recommended white plastic eraser. For erasing pencil.

    Your Price

    S270. Metal Ruler:12in
    S270. Stainless Steel Ruler 12"

    Flexible, cork back.

    Your Price

    S817. Viva Papertowels, 12 sheets
    S817. Viva Paper towels, 12 sheets

    Recommended by Harvest Crittenden for wiping pen points and brushes:
    "I've used them exclusively for at least 8 years. They don't leave fuzz on the pen points or brushes."

    We have made these available for those outside the USA or in areas where this brand is not readily available. This is a small pack of 12 sheets for easy shipping.

    Your Price

    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot
    S1005. Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot

    The Faber-Castell Clic & Go is a collapsible and expandable water pot. Easy to clean and store, travels easily. Ridges on the cup are the perfect place to hold brushes in between uses. The water pot holds approximately 12 ounces. PVC- and Latex-free.

    Your Price

    P64. Maruman Mnemosyne Imagination Pad
    P64. Maruman Mnemosyne Imagination Pad. A4 Size. 8.3"x11.7". 70 sheets.

    Delightfully smooth paper. Super for pointed pen work. A favorite of Heather Held: "I can’t recommend it highly enough! Everyone who tries the paper loves it." She likes the graph pad, which has the graph on one side and is blank on the other. From Japan.

    Specify: Blank or 5x5mm graph.

    Your Price

    P55. Rhodia Graph Pad 8.25"x11"
    P55. Rhodia Graph Pad.
    8.25"x11" (Sheet Size). Orange Cover. 5sq/inch. (5x5mm).

    Highly recommended for pointed pen work. Non-bleeding, bright white, smooth satin finish, 80gsm (22lb), acid-free, pH neutral paper. Micro-perforated to provide a clean edge when you tear out the sheet. Lines and graph are purple. 80 sheets.

    Also available as Plain Pad (P53) and Lined Pad (P54).

    Your Price

    P53. Rhodia Blank Pad (Unlined)
    P53. Rhodia Blank Pad (Unlined).
    Blank Sheets. 8.25"x11.5" (Sheet Size). Black Cover.

    Highly recommended for pointed pen work. Non-bleeding, bright white, smooth satin finish, 80gsm (22lb), acid-free, pH neutral paper. Micro-perforated to provide a clean edge when you tear out the sheet. The pad is staple bound. 80 sheets.

    Also available as Lined Pad (P54) and Graph Pads (P55, P56).

    Your Price

    PA100-57. Strathmore 400 Drawing 5"x7" 24 sheets
    PA100-57. Strathmore 400 Drawing 5"x7" 24 sheets

    Requested by Heather Held for IAMPETH 2016 class "The Vintage Garden".

    This pack contains 24 sheets of Strathmore 400 Drawing Paper cut to 5"x7".

    To buy larger sheets, see item P100.

    Your Price

    PL28. Polychromos Colored Pencils
    PL28. Polychromos Colored Pencils

    These colored pencils from Faber-Castell provide a soft, vibrant color laydown. They are water-resistant and smudge proof. Highly recommended by Heather Held for her Enchanted Letters, the colors we are offering are her favorite colors. See item PL29 for a set of the "must have" colors.

    Choose color: Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cream, Earth Green, Fuchsia, Helioblue-Reddish, Ivory, Light Red-Violet, Madder, Magenta, May Green, Permanent Green Olive, Dark Sepia, Ultramarine, Violet, White.

    Certain colors have been discontinued and have low stock; these colors have a discounted price in the dropdown menu.

    Your Price $2.85

    S994. Heather Held Watercolor Dot Card
    S994. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Dot Card - Heather Held Colors

    You receive 30 colors in sample size dots. The dots are actual Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor and are applied to cold press watercolor paper. You can work up the paint and use on your small projects. These colors were selected by Heather Held and can be used for the following workshops: The Artful Flourish, The Enchanted Letter, The Enchanted Meadow and The Victorian Pen.

    Contains one dot of each color:
    Aureolin, Buff Titanium, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet, Duo Lapis Sunlight, French Ultramarine, Green Gold, Indigo, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Jade, Iridescent Topaz, Lemon Yellow, Manganese Blue Hue, Olive Green, Payne’s Grey, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Coral, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Pink, Rose of Ultramarine, Sap Green, Sepia, Serpentine Green, Terra Verte, Titanium White, Ultramarine Turquoise, Ultramarine Violet, Verona Gold Ochre.

    Your Price

    BR26. W&N Sceptre Gold 101 Brush
    W&N Sceptre Gold 101 Brush, Round, Short Handle

    For fine detail, lines & washes. A traditional and popular head shape for all-purpose watercolor work. Can be used for broad strokes yet it will also form a sharp point. They possess excellent color holding capacity, sensitivity, spring and durability. Recommended by Michael Sull.

    High quality brushes made from a mix of sable and synthetic fibres. They are ideal for watercolor and suitable for use with acrylic. For watercolor media, while today's synthetic brushes perform excellently, pure sable still has the edge. With a blend you can get performance that is close to sable at a price that is close to synthetic. The blend of hair in Sceptre Gold II also gives you added benefits. Sable hair has excellent spring while the high-quality synthetic filaments ensure that the brushes are soft enough to work the color but also have a strong snap so they return back to their original shape with ease. The high proportion of sable in Sceptre Gold II gives the brushes considerably more ability to make larger washes in one stroke than normal synthetic brushes, and the hairs are tapered to a fine point, giving the brush control for detailed work.

    Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold 101 Brush Round Short Handle

    Your Price $8.19

    BR38. WN Artists' Watercolor Sable
    WN Artists' Watercolor Sable Round

    Excellent for fine detail, lines and washes. The round-bellied watercolor brush is the most popular watercolor brush. Quality Kolinsky sable hair, birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules all put together by hand to create a truly excellent brush. Has been improved to ensure a perfect point. Matte finish handle.

    Recommended by Valerie Weilmuenster for illuminated letters as a good and ess expensive alternative to the Winsor & Newton Series 7.

    **To see the price of each size, select the size in the box below**

    Your Price $10.99

    SA-GOU. Gold Gouache Sampler
    SA-GOU Gold Gouache Sampler

    This set allows you to try all of our Gold Gouaches. Each sample comes in a labeled jar, ready for you to add water and try it out. Write out your own reference chart so you can buy the right gold when you need it.

    Contains sample of each:
    Schmincke Gold Pearl Gouache
    Holbein Pearl Gold Gouache
    Holbein Brilliant Gold Gouache
    Winsor & Newton Gold Gouache
    Talens Deep Gold Gouache
    Talens Light Gold Gouache

    Your Price

    SG27. Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache
    SG27. Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache

    This difficult-to-find German gouache is highly recommended by Michael Sull for its brightness, smooth flow, and lightfastness. Because mica instead of metal particles is used, the metallics will not darken over time, and because the mica can be more finely ground, it flows through a pen much better. Also recommended by Katrina Berry and others. Schmincke Gold Pearl is our bestselling gold gouache. 20 ml tubes.

    When using a fresh tube, squeeze out the clear stuff (glycerin) until you get dense pigment. This glycerin helps keep the gouache from drying in the tube but will keep your work from drying as well. This gouache reconstitutes easily and quickly if it has dried in your pen or on your palette.

    Choose color: Opaque White, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium
    Yellow Light, Vermilion Red, Madder Red, Ultramarine
    Deep Blue, Paris Blue, Chromium Oxide Green, Burnt
    Sienna, Jet Black, Ivory Black, Gold Pearl, Red Pearl, Silver.

    Your Price $16.50

    S1010. Coliro Rainbow Palette
    S1010. Coliro (Finetec) Rainbow Palette

    Finetec is loved by calligraphers and artists for its smooth texture and bright sparkles. This palette brings together the bright colors of the rainbow.

    6 colors (pans) in a plastic case. Each color is labeled.

    Colors included:
    Red, Golden Orange, Bronze, Moss Green, Midnight Blue and Deep Purple.

    Other Coliro:
    S741. Artist Color Gold Set (5 Golds + Silver)
    S766. Moire colors
    S767. Pearl colors
    S968: 12 colors (smaller pans)
    S1000. Single Color Pans
    S1009. Stormy Night
    S1011. Under the Sea
    S1012. Sunrise
    S1014. Pastel Garden
    S1019. Banana Split
    S1029. Peacock
    S1056. Happy Birthday
    S1060: Mermaid
    S1068: Autumn
    S1072: Galaxy

    Finetec is changing the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro. The paints are not changing, just their name.

    Your Price $37.13

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