Heather Held - The Enchanted Letter (10th Anniversary) - May 22, 29

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A Special 10th Anniversary Edition. The Enchanted Letter by Heather Victoria Held 2021

In 2011, The Enchanted Letter Workshop was launched during a one-year intensive study of illuminated letters. I wanted to develop a drawn and gilded letter that was based on a script alphabet to combine with pointed pen. I have been studying and expanding this class for 10 years and it has become one of my most popular classes. This is a special edition of the class where we will be exploring and decorating a beautiful Victorian Script Illuminated Letter. Letters can be transformed into ribbons or leaves and are gracefully adorned with florals and flourishes. The student will be guided through the pencil design stage of their own unique letter. No drawing experience is needed for the class but it does assume a knowledge of any script alphabet. The design can be embellished with a simple 23K gilding technique or gold gouache. We will go through all of the steps to paint and embellish our letter to give it a defining sense of dimension. These letters are ectacular and can be used as monograms or they can become anchor letters in your calligraphy projects. These letters have a Storybook or Fairy Tale quality to hem. The possibilities with them are endless and each stage of the class is designed to help refine your skills in drawing illuminating and painting. I am excited to share the insights I have gained over 10 years of designing these letters.


  (A) Drawing Stage

  • Graph Paper and Tracing Paper (8.5 x 11 size for both are fine) (P22, P112)
  • Mechanical Pencil (any size lead),4B Pencil, White Vinyl or Kneaded Eraser (PL21,PL38, E23, E09)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • Scotch Brand Removable Tape (S1046)
  • A light box is an optional tool. Please don’t purchase it especially for this class (S1013)

  (B) Inking Stage

  • McCaffery Brown Ink or Ziller Buffalo Brown (I37, I28)
  • Your favourite pointed pen nib and straight holder with medium flexible pen point such as the Gillott 404 or Zebra G for the outline work (N74, N118, H111)
  • You may want a more flexible pen point and your oblique holder for the flourishes (N72, H129)
  • 140 lb Hot Press Watercolour Paper (cut down to manageable size. (Heather will be using 5”x 7” size of Arches hot press paper). You will need at least 2 or 3 pieces at 5” x 7” (PA47-57)

  (C) Gilding Stage

  • If you want to gild your letter with 23K gold, you will need one sheet of gold leaf which will gild several letters, small scissors, small round ball stylus and your favourite gilding medium (S189-5)
  • Miniatum ink for my gilding medium (S983)
  • Inexpensive small brush for applying gold size. Heather uses size 00 synthetic (BR49)
  • Water media brush (BR26)
  • If you decide not to gild your letter with 23 K gold leaf, you will need either the Finetec Gold watercolours or any gold gouache (with mixing brush) to add gold highlights to your design (S1000, HG644)

  (D) Colour Stage

  • You can colour your letter with watercolour pencil, or watercolours. The choice is yours. Use what you have on hand. You will need a few colours that work well for florals, ribbons and leaves (PL28, PL29)
  • John Neal sells a dot card of my favourite Daniel Smith watercolours which will be more than enough for this class. You will need one or two small pointed round watercolour brushes as well (S994, BR26)

  (E) Embellishment Stage (optional)

  • Sakura Gelly Roll Pen Clear Stardust (M96)
  • Finetec Gold Watercolour with mixing brush and small water dish (S1000, S1005)
  • Swarovski Crystals Size SS5. These are adhered with Beacon Gem Tac Glue
  • Diane Townsend Pastels in the following colours for soft background tones (S981)

          > Terrages: 163 which is a soft yellow green

          > Terrages: 170 which is a Paynes Grey

          > Terrages: 171: which is a soft Grey Blue

          > Terrages: 32 which is a delicate baby pink

          > Terrages: 137: a gorgeous lavender that blends well with the soft form 13 L

          > Soft Form: 30 L which is a medium turquoise blue

          > Thin Line: 11 L which is a beautiful periwinkle blue

          > Soft form: 36 L which is a medium rose pink

  • Extras: paper towels, water dropper and two small waterdishes, q-tips or pastel brush and small piece of sandpaper if you are using pastels

Workshop Handout / Zoom Link

  • Workshop handout will be send to you in pdf format via email one week before the workshop
  • Zoom link will be send to you via email one week before the workshop

Recording Access 

  • Both live sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recording after class via YouTube
  • Recording will be available for 30 days 


Other Information

  • Both live sessions will be conducted via Zoom
  • You will have 5 hours of learning in total with Heather and followed by a 30-minute of Q & A for each session
  • Students who sign up successfully will be given a discount code if you decide to purchase calligraphy supplies via John Neal Books
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