Heather Held - The Artful Flourish - April 2 and 3

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02/28/22: This workshop has now been filled.

The Artful Flourish
With Heather Victoria Held
Presented by Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild

April 2nd, 2022 and April 3rd, 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm Eastern Time (both days)
Online Zoom class

The Artful Flourish is one of Heather’s most-requested workshops. It is a playful workshop and is a great introduction to pointed pen techniques. Offhand flourishing is a unique, non-lettering art form created with a pointed steel pen. Elegant flourishes that appear complex and labor-intensive are broken down into simple strokes that can become second nature to the dedicated student.

Cost for this workshop (shown on the registration form) includes the cost of instruction; Heather's handouts, many in color, bound and mailed to you; and access to the recordings of the workshop sessions for a period of no less than two months after the workshop.

Further information is available on our web site: https://www.pendragonscalligraphy.org/workshops/held-2022

Suggested Supplies

  • Oblique or Straight Pen Holder: Left-handed students may prefer to use a straight holder. Right-handed students can use either the oblique or straight holder. I use a straight holder exclusively. If you just want a basic holder, H63 is recommended.
  • Nibs: Your favorite nib for pointed pen work. Hunt 22 (N93), Zebra G (N118), and Hunt 101 (N77) all work well. Try to avoid highly flexible nibs such as the Leonardt EF Principal.
  • McCaffery Penman’s Black (I37) or Old World Iron Gall (I116) ink is preferred; walnut ink is OK for practice. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White for work on dark paper (I38).
  • 2 small water jars (S1005) and inexpensive mixing brushes (BR43); eyedropper or pipette for water (S141, S870); mechanical pencil, any size (PL21); ruler (S270); soft vinyl or kneaded eraser (E13) (E09); Factis black eraser (optional) (E08); paper towels for pen cleaning.
  • Practice paper: I prefer Maruman Imagination paper (P64) but Rhodia blank (P53) or gridded (P55) also works well. (HEATHER: The graph pad that Rhodia makes is better than the dot).
  • Art paper: Michael’s Recollection cardstock in any color. We will be using dark and light paper for our projects. Canson Mi-Teintes paper (PS61) in any color will also work well. Paper should be cut to 5"x7" sizes. We will be doing several projects.
  • Colored Pencil: I use Faber Castell PolyChromos (PL 28 or PL29) colored pencils in floral colors, but any colored pencils will work.
  • Special Effect Supplies: These are optional but will add depth and sparkle to your work. My favorites are Sakura Gelly Roll Clear Stardust Pen (M96); hot foil pen (S1098); pearlescent Finetec gold watercolor palette (S741); Diane Townsend pastels (S981) for background effects, with small piece of sandpaper and applicator brush (S978). Anything shimmery or shiny that you can add to your work.
  • Note-taking supplies
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