Heather Held - Victorian Frames & Labels

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Victorian Frames & Labels

Heather Held

1-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome

Design • Drawing

The Victorian era provided a wealth of decorative ornamental designs that can be translated with the pointed pen. Using Victorian Scraps as our inspiration, we will use a pointed pen etching technique to create opulent floral designs. These designs can be used for borders on large piece or serve as small frames and labels to embellish note cards and envelopes. An optional Line and Wash technique will be demonstrated with watercolour to illustrate the versatility of this wonderful technique.


  • Your favourite pointed pen in a straight pen holder (H113) The pen point itself does not need to be overly flexible. You will be creating light etching strokes on the paper without using a lot of pressure. I suggest a Hunt 22 or Gillott 404 or a Zebra G. (N118) (N93) (N74) Avoid very flexible nibs such as the Leonardt EF Principal.
  • Either Ink, Gouache or Watercolour. Walnut ink works well and can be blended easily with water to give a vintage sepia effect (I145). Fountain pen inks also work well although they are not lightfast, and I don’t recommend them for any fine art. You can try any watercolour or gouache in the pointed pen. I suggest a colour such as Payne’s Grey or Prussian Blue for dramatic effects. (S994) (WNG1) (WNG2) (WNG3) (WNG4)(I153)
  • Small, pointed round brush, water dish and paper towel or bar cloth (S1005)(BR27)
  • Either a few coloured pencils (PL28) or, if you want to explore the line and wash technique, a few watercolours or watercolour pencils.
  • Your favourite practice paper or Strathmore 400 series Drawing paper. You may want to fold some cardstock to note card size or work on the corners of your favourite envelopes. (P100)
  • A few coloured pencils are optional if you want to add a tint of colour to your work.
  • It is not necessary to use the same supplies that I use. We can make just about anything work well for this technique. Use what you have in your stash and see what happens on the page.