Hermineh Miller - Plunging into Copperplate - April 16 through June 11

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Plunging into Copperplate
with Hermineh Miller

9 weekly sessions
April 16, 2022 –June 11, 2022
Saturday mornings, 10am-12pm ET

This class will be presented live virtually via Google Meet and is for students with at least facility in one other hand.

Copperplate or English Roundhand is a style that dominated 18th-century writing. 

Master calligraphers’ copybooks were printed from written models engraved on plates of copper. Hence the term Copperplate Script. We will explore basic strokes, pressure-release movement and flourishing. This hand is currently enjoying a revival and many calligraphers are adding it to their repertoire.

Tuition: $200.00, payable online via PayPal or Stripe

For more information and to register, please visit https://www.peonymoon.com/classes

Supply List

  • Copperplate pad, 11"x17" (P01-11)
  • Pen Holder: Dual-use (H129) or Speedball Straight (H69)
  • Nibs: Hunt 101 (N77), Zebra-G (N118), Gillott 404 (rough paper) (N74)
  • Ink: Higgins Eternal (I08)
  • Optional: Copperplate Calligraphy by Donald Jackson (B4054)
$5.75 $4.95