Heather Martinez - Learn to Sketchnote

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Learn to Sketchnote!

Mini-class (3 Hours)

Friday, July 2 at 1:00 PM CDT

All Skill Levels Welcome
Lettering • Design • Drawing • Journaling • Sketchnoting


Imagine being in a calligraphy class or workshop taking notes but all the pages look the same. It’s hard to look back and remember what you wrote. What makes one line of text differ from the rest?
Learn to sketchnote!
It’s a great learning tool you can use when taking notes in class and workshops, journaling vacations, and telling a visual story.
Designed with the calligrapher or lettering artist in mind, in this live session, we will:
  • Explore a variety of materials used by professional and amateur sketchnoters.
  • Adopt a fast lettering style to use when rapid capturing and vary it up to fit your style and needs.
  • Practice hierarchy and page composition to help guide the reader’s eye across the page.
  • Draw simple objects quickly to serve as mnemonic devices.
Have your favorite sketchbook and pens/small markers on hand. At the end of the class you will gain access to online lettering resources to continue your practice and there will be a giveaway of sketchnoting supplies.


  • Favorite sketchbook (any kind or size) – plain sheets of printer paper will also do. (P20, P108)
    • Favorite mark-making tools for taking notes. You might enjoy:
    – Pencils – I prefer the Palamino Blackwing (PL11)
    – Pencil sharpener/eraser if working with pencils (PL13, E13, E30)
    – Pens – I enjoy monoline…Neuland SketchOne® .1, .3, .5, .7
    – Small nib markers – I like the Neuland FineOne® round nibs in a variety of colors.
    – Brush markers – I like Neuland FineOne® and No.One® Art markers. Light grey for shadows, bright colors for highlighting.

For participants who sign up by June 1, every effort will be made to send you Neuland markers prior to the session.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Neuland markers, here is a shopping list of recommended supplies. Not all are necessary, these are just some of the tools used for sketchnoting.