Heather Leavitt Martinez - SKETCHNOTE TO LEARN!

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Heather Leavitt Martinez


  • Favorite sketchbook (any kind or size) (P20) (P09) –plain sheets of printer paper will also do.
  • Favorite mark-making tools for taking notes. You might enjoy:
  • Pencils – I prefer the Palamino Blackwing (PL11)
  • Pencil sharpener/eraser if working with pencils (PL41) (E13)
  • Pens – I enjoy monoline…Neuland SketchOne® .1, .3, .5, and .7 (M17)
  • Small nib markers – I like the Neuland FineOne® round nibs in a variety of colors.
  • Brush markers – I like Neuland FineOne® and No.One® Art markers. (M148)

Light grey for shadows, bright colors for highlighting.

If you don’t have these specifically, that’s okay! A pen or pencil and paper will do!