Hermineh Miller- Foundational Hand - January 13 through March 10

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Foundational Hand

This is a class for beginners

Students who are new to calligraphy will begin with Foundational Hand-an upright, Roman hand that will introduce you to all the basic techniques you need to begin your calligraphic journey. Skills you will learn include how to manage the following:

-dip pens
-fluids, ink and gouache
-ruling paper
-writing on different types of papers

We will make several small projects.

9 Sessions, beginning January 13, 2022 through March 10, 2022. Thursdays Evenings. 7 pm to 8 pm EST

Tuition price for this 9-week session is $150.00.

For further information and to register go to peonymoon.com. Payment is through PayPal or Stripe.


  • 3mm Parallel Pen (FP67)
  • 1 Gridded pad, 11x17 (P21)
  • 1 T-Square, minimum 18 inches (S753)
  • 1 Magic Rub eraser (S86)
  • 1 bottle of Higgins Eternal Black Ink (I08)
  • 2 pencils, 3-H (level of hardness) (PL38)
  • 1 Kum pencil sharpener (PL13)
  • 1 pad of Boris Layout paper, 11x14 (P09-50)
  • 3 colored pencils (no yellow) for analysis work (PL28)
  • drafting tape (S412)
  • 2 sheets of Strathmore (PS00) (PS89)
  • 1 White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3) (BR43)
  • 1 tube of Schminke Horadam Vermillion Gouache (SG27)
  • 1 metal or plastic 90 degree triangle, minimum 12 inches on long side (S613)
  • 1 ruler, 18 inch minimum, cork backed, non-skid is very helpful (S271)

John Neal does not carry the following items:

  • 1 craft foam sheet 11” x 17” 
  • 1 chamois, artificial, or old T-shirt about 6” square
  • 1 9 mm snap-off blade cutter
  • 1 lap board, 23x26 inches
  • Art Bin or tackle box or other carrying container to hold the above
  • Baby food or other small jar with synthetic sponge cut to fit inside to hold ink. Do NOT bring a jar taller than a pimento jar (2”). Upholsteres’ foam is the best. (Small holes are crucial) 
  • 2 dropper bottles in blue or brown.