Heather Victoria Held - Time to Refine - Sept 17 & 18

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Time to Refine
With Heather Victoria Held
(Hosted by Acorn Arts)

September 17th & 18th, at 1PM EDT (Michigan)
Live Zoom class, with recording available for later viewing 

Take your offhand flourishing to the next level as you refine your strokes and add new layers of dimension to your work. True offhand flourishing is done without pre-planning or designing. It is the direct process of thinking on paper. But as your designs take on more complexity you may want to use the pencil to plan aspects of the designs. Taking the time to refine our flourishing skills will help you take your designs to a higher level.

Cost: $95.00

More info and registration: https://www.acornartsclassroom.org/time-to-refine 

Supply List:

One of the goals of the class is to help you to optimize the supplies that you have on hand. It is not necessary to use the same supplies that I will be using in this class. A list of suggested supplies is below but feel free to use your favourites.

  • Straight holder (H105, H113, H104) with medium flexible nib such as Zebra G (N118) or Hunt 22 (N93)
  • Either McCaffery Penman’s Black (I37) or Ziller Buffalo Brown (I28)
  • Mechanical Pencil (PL21), Ruler (S798, S984), Kneaded Eraser (E09) or Tombow Mono Zero Eraser (E22)(E13)
  • Good quality practice paper such as Rhodia (P53) or Maruman Imagination paper (P64)
  • A few sheets of 8”x10” paper and a few sheets of 5”x7” paper. Suggested papers are Strathmore 400 series drawing paper (P100), 140 lb hot press watercolour paper (PA47-57, PA110), or Strathmore 300 Series Smooth or Vellum Bristol (PA27, P110, P85).
  • 8x10 Framing mat to use as a guide (this is optional but helpful)
  • Watercolours with Small Pointed Round Brush, water, and kitchen towel. Use any of your favou­rite watercolours but include a green, rose, yellow, blue, and purple (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4). John Neal Books carries a dot card of my favourite colours (S994). Some of my favourites are Permanent Rose, Sap Green, Green Gold, Ver­diter Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Carbazole Violet, Lemon Yellow. Any small brush will work, but the bristles should bounce back to a nice point. I use miniature spotter brushes or miniature pointed round brushes with bristles around 5mm long (BR26, BR28).
  • White china paint palette (S747, S1094)
  • Schmincke White Calligraphy Gouache (SG27) or any white gouache (WNG1, HG640) (dispense some in a small dish)
  • A few coloured pencils in floral colours (PL28, PL05)
  • Any metallic inks (I151, I155, I139) or watercolours (S1000)
$13.05 $12.40
$8.02 $5.95
$17.25 $15.53