Carrie Imai - Foundations Meets Bone - Feb 2, 9, 16, 23

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Foundation Meets Bone with Carrie Imai

Feb 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2021

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Foundation Meets Bone begins with a study of the beautiful, strong, round Foundation alphabet and then morphs into the Bone alphabet which is the brain child of Jacqueline Svaren as an exercise to loosen up the rigid pen holds and stiff hands of her students. Bone is based on the very formal Carolingian, but is manipulated to create a wild, amorphous and sexy alphabet.


Supply List:

  • Speedball C-2 pen (N09)
  • At least 1 large pen – prefer Automatic pen – size # 3A or 4A or comparable Luthis or Parallel pens or other large pen (N27) (FP67) (FP68)
  • Ink – Pelikan 4001 any color, Walnut Ink or Bister inks.  (I04) (I157) (S450) (S449)
              Don’t buy pre-mixed Walnut – make your own from crystals.
  • Inkwell – large enough for your large pen 

  • Grid pad 8 x 8 (squares to the inch) – (P21) (P22)
  • Tools to rule paper – your choice (ideal – T-square & Ames Lettering Guide (S91) (S753)
  • Prang Watercolor set – or other “semi-moist” pan watercolor set – or tube watercolor and a palette (S609) (S1000) (S679)
  • Mixing brushes (BR43)
  • Water pot (S1005)
  • Paper towels or rag
  • Pointed brush - #1 or #2 Winsor-Newton Sceptre Series are good (BR26)
  • Fine line, light-colored marking pen (i.e. Micron) in a color that contrasts to your ink color (M17)
  • Pencil/pen for Note taking
  • Notebook or Pad for notes