Iampeth 2020

IAMPETH will hold its 71st Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, July 6-11, 2020.
This conference has classes on pointed pen and related topics. The format is different from the international calligraphy conference: It is held in a hotel, and classes are large, with demonstrations aided by projectors and multiple screens when needed. There are no multi-day classes; they are all either full- or part-day long. There are some programs and a lot of sharing in the evenings. Tuition is low; you are responsible for meals and lodging (the hotel will offer an IAMPETH rate). John Neal Books will be the weeklong vendor.
After IAMPETH members have a chance to register early in 2020, registration is opened to non-members (if space is still available).
You can join IAMPETH here: www.iampeth.com/membership

John Neal Books will take preorders for IAMPETH 2020 through Thursday, June 25th. If you wish to place a preorder for pick up at IAMPETH, you will need to put the item 20IAM, in your cart along with your order. (This item can be found with the supplies on the page for each class being taught.)